Family Don't End In Blood

Dean and Sam Winchester, Castiel the Fallen Angel - they kill monsters and save's the family business. After saving the world from several apocalypses and banishing God to the bottomless pit of The Empty, it seems all has gone back to normal. But it's the Winchesters...and Castiel. Soon, they meet something that entirely crosses the line of even their own definition of 'normal'.


1. They call me God

"Dude," he took a long swig of his ice cold beer, much to Sam's amusement as he watched the liquid drip down the corner of his brother's mouth. Dean wiped it away with the back of his hand and shrugged at Sam's raised eyebrow. "We deserve a break, we saved the world...again. Let's go to uhh, uhh, Hawaii," Dean suggested, pulling a chair out.

Sam snorted. "Hawaii? We need to take a plane for that." 

"Yeah. And?"

"You hate planes." Sam drew out the chair to sit opposite of his brother who put the cold bottle to use and pressed it to his swollen cheek.

Dean winced - not at the pain because he'd been through worse - but at the coldness. He slapped the air. "I'll pop a pill, knock me right out."

Sam snickered, downing his own beer. He cleared his throat and looked down at the initials carved into the table. "That's not us," he declared, running his fingers across the indentations. 

There was a moment of silence "Yeah." He finished his drink and slammed it down on the table. "Well, I'll be in my room. On the computer."

He knew his brother needed a distraction to take his mind of Cass. "What are you, a teenage girl?"

Dean had already begun walking away but turned around to answer his brother. "No. But knock on the door if you need to come in. Unless you wanna see things you didn't ask for."

Sam furrowed his brows. A second later, his face scrunched up. "Aw, dude. Gross."

"Goodnight, man."

"Yeah, goodnight." Sam ran his hand through his tousled hair, feeling the exhaustion of the day creep over him. He yawned and stretched out, wincing at the soreness of being thrown around. Then again, he was lucky to still be alive. And no more gunshot wound. He rubbed his shoulder, almost missing the sensation because he'd grown to be accustomed to it. Now all that's left was a scar. 

When he collapsed on his bed, he quickly drifted off to sleep, knowing that if he died then he'd left the world a better place. And that was one of the best night's sleep he'd gotten in a while. 


Dean was in a good mood when he went to get his daily cup of coffee. He sniffed the air like he was on a hunt. "Are you eating bacon? Like actual bacon?"

Sam ketchup-isn't-a-vegetable Winchester was eating bacon."Yeah," he chewed. 

Dean sat down with his cup of coffee and watched Sam eat. "It took God to go bye-bye for you to eat bacon?" Dean took a strip for himself. 

"Shut up." Sam washed it down with some orange juice and squinted at his laptop screen. "So get this-"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Really?"

Sam looked at him quizzically.  

He shook his head and took an angry bite out of his bacon. "Go on."

"Some town in Kansas claims to have found God. And God is a she."

"What's with people?" Dean groaned. "Why?"

He read from his screen. "She predicted a storm and warned the people, saving the town. She stopped a robbery and saved a lady."

"So what? She can read weather patterns and happened to be at the right place, at the right time. We do that. Nobody calls us Gods." Dean finished his coffee. 

Sam smiled. "She told them the exact time when the storm would come in. And saved the lady from being robbed by stopping bullets after they were shot from the gun."

"Well, good for her. Any weird deaths?"


"So it's not a case. Come on, man. Give it a rest, don't go look for trouble when there's none." Dean stood up, intending to go back to his room.

"Yeah but-"


"Yeah, okay."

Before Dean could enter his room, he heard loud bangs on the front door. He walked up the steps and reached for his gun that was tucked in his waistband. 

He opened the door to a girl with her hair tucked into her cap.

"Hi. I'm Willa. You're Dean, right? And you're Sam." She glanced over Dean's shoulder. "I need your help."

"How'd you find the bunker? And who the hell are you?" Dean hadn't lowered his gun but she didn't flinch.

Sam gently pushed Dean's gun away. "That's her."


"The girl they call God."



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