Venus is not the type to get out of her comfort zone, but when her friends start to pressure her, she decides that she is done sitting on the side lines. Vigor, a computerized game of dare makes Venus' life turn upside down and meet the love of her life. Trying to find her way through the twisted game of life and death she may have found a way to keep everyone from getting hurt or worse killed including herself and the ones she loves.

Author's note

Hey guys, thought this book would be a good one. Hope you enjoy. Please DON'T steal any of my ideas. Thanks.

4. Blindfolded

Our phones buzz and it tells us to ride to 65th street. We make our way to that street and park. We wait for the next dare and it says Get to 60 mph 

"I guess this is going to be an easy one." Raymond says and hops on the bike. His phone dings again and looks at it. He rolls his eyes and puts his phone down.

"What did it say?" I ask. He shows me and it says, Get to 60 mph blindfolded "Are you serious? No. I'm not doing that." I say.

"Please. Ve. You have to. I can't do this alone."

"Look Raymond. I've had a great day. I had so much fun with you, I even got a new dress, but this is just over the top." A black truck comes rumbling up to us and a teenage boy with a man bun jumps out and hands me something.

"Hold this and smile." he says and takes a picture of me. 

"See you guys in the finals." he says and gets back in his truck and leaves. 

"Who was that?" I ask.

"Another player." he says. I look down at the thing in my hand and see that this is the blindfold. The next thing I know, I'm on the back of the motorcycle, holding on to Raymond for dear life, waiting for the light to turn green. 

"Ready?" Raymond asks me.

"Yes." I say in a whisper as he puts on the blindfold over his helmet. 

"Remember, Vee. Your my eyes. Your incontrol." he says as I glance at the light. It turns green.

"Go." I whisper. He revs the engine and we are off. We wobble and I try to steer, but the handle bars has a mind of its own. A taxi tries to pass us, but I accidently get nervous and get a hairs length away from the cab.

"Omg!" I yell and try to turn the handle bars. I turn left to hard and we almost run into a slab of concrete.

"Tell me what's happening, Ve." 

"Turn the handlebars right." I say. He turns them to far and almost hits another cab. I glide my body to the left and stay in our lane. 

"That seemed to work. How are we doing on time?" I glance down and we have a minute and a half to build up speed. 

"More speed." I say.

"Yes ma'am." He says and makes us go faster. 

"30mph! We're halfway there." I say. I weave around cars and grab on to the clutch and the accelerator and push us to go faster. A bunch of lights are coming up and it turns out they turn green when we come close to them. 

"Green!" I yell and pass another light. "Green. Green. Green." We come up to one and it turns red.

"Ve? What's happening?"

"Green!" I yell and accelerate before a black van t-bones us. I weave in between the cars and accelerate until we are at 50. "20 seconds. FASTER!" We pull in front of a car and have a straight away without many cars. A black van opens the side door and starts videotaping us as we drive by.

"We love you." They yell.

I look down and see 10 seconds left with 5 mph to go. I accelerate again and make it to 60 on the last second. "We did it." I yell. Raymond takes off the blindfold and turns to look at me. When I turn to look back, Raymond breaks because a huge building and a giant concrete wall stands up ahead. Raymond squizes the clutch and the break and we come to a halt 10 inches away from the wall. 

"We did it!" Raymond says and gets off. I follow suit and hug him. "I feel like I could..." I lean forward and kiss him. He smiles and leans in farther. I grab his tie and pull him close. I hear cars honking and girls giggling, but at that moment, I don't care. 

'Are you hungry?"


"I was literally thinking the same thing." he says and laughs. We laugh and make our way to the pizza place as our adrenaline slowly settles.

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