Venus is not the type to get out of her comfort zone, but when her friends start to pressure her, she decides that she is done sitting on the side lines. Vigor, a computerized game of dare makes Venus' life turn upside down and meet the love of her life. Trying to find her way through the twisted game of life and death she may have found a way to keep everyone from getting hurt or worse killed including herself and the ones she loves.

Author's note

Hey guys, thought this book would be a good one. Hope you enjoy. Please DON'T steal any of my ideas. Thanks.

5. Tattoo

We get pizza and decide to walk around for a bit. 

"Wanna ride?" Raymond asks me with a mouth full of pizza. 

"Is this a dare?"

"Nope. It's a carousel." He says and walks to a white horse. I laugh and follow.

"So why are you doing Vigor?" I ask while we ride around in circles.

"My family. Let's just say it's a long story." he says and bites into his pizza slice. I turn away and see two girls videotaping and taking pictures of us. "Looks like we have some paparazzi. Run." We jump off the horses and run and jump off the side. We jump on Raymond's motorcycle and ride. Raymond's phone buzzes with his next dare. Can Ve trust you? Pick out her tattoo. 

"Nope. My mom would kill me. I can't. I would be grounded forever." I say as we park in front of a tattoo parlor.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Instead of answering, I walk towards the door. We walk into a room with green lights that light the place full of jewelry and things like that. We walk to the back room and a big burly man with a huge beard and an afro sits in a chair with a gun. A man sits in a chair with his arm covered in ink. We walk over to a binder and Raymond starts flipping through pages. 

"Okay, so please no fire breathing dragons, no knives, no clowns, no snakes, no skeletons."

"What about panthers in tornados?" he asks pointing to that exact picture.

"No." I say, horrified.


"No. k." he laughs and flips the page.

"Whoa, whoa. What about a picture of my dad. He's gorgeous. Honestly." the man doing tattoos says. "Honestly, he's a nice looking guy."

"Okay. I got a better idea." Raymond says and grabs a piece of paper and a pencil.

"You're going to draw it?" I ask incredulously. "No!" I try to move his hand, so that I can see what he is drawing.

"Shh. Be quiet. I need to concentrate. Back off." he says through laughter. "K. This is good." he says and walks towards the tattoo artist. "Can you do something like this, but less crappier?"

"Oh, yas." he says through laughter. "I'm laughing because its good."

"Guys. Come on." I say as I roll my eyes.

"Ve. You have to trust us, that's the whole thing."

"You have to trust us." the tattoo artist says.


"Okay. Oww. Guys this hurts." I say through gritted teeth. Tiny pinpricks hit my shoulder. "Look, guys the watchers said it only had to be bigger than a quarter."

"You're almost done." Raymond says while he videos it.


"Hold still. I'm finishing the Y in DADDY." the tattoo artist says.

"What?" I ask as I turn my head to look at Raymond. 

"He was only kidding. Don't listen to him, Ve."

"I really don't like that noise at all. Oww. Oww." I hear my favorite song come on. I look at Raymond who is grinning and videotaping. I start singing to take my mind off the pain. 

"Boom. I am done. You go to that mirror and you celebrate my work." the tattoo artist says.

"Come on."

"Do I want to see?"

"Yes. Yes." I walk to the mirror and see the deathly hallows symbol from harry potter on my left shoulder. 

"I love it. Thank you."



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