New Beginnings

This is for the new beginnings poetry competition, yay!! Let's jump right into it!!!
P.S. It won't let me change the cover :(


1. Ended Love


I still remember when we used to be so close,

We’d end up doing everything together.

You meant the world to me,

In fact you still mean a lot to me

But I no longer mean anything to you,

I mean nothing to you now.

You have no idea how much it hurts me,

But then again you don’t care if it hurts.

I wish you still cared about me,

But that’ll never happen again.

So I sit and accept the fact,

That I mean nothing to you.

I push you out of my head,

And think about my future.

I think about all the opportunities I’ll have,

With you no longer here holding me back.

Without you here I now have,

A new beginning and more opportunities.

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