Dance Your Way To The Top

Morgan has loved to dance since she was a little kid. A dancing camp is all the talk these days. Morgan beggs her mom to go. What happens when she gets there is a total surprise to her and might shape the rest of her life.


1. Persuading

"Morgan." I get up out of my seat and make my way to the stage. My dancing instructor, Mrs. Sweete, sits at a small table at the center of the auditorium that I am auditioning at. "Whenever you are ready." she says and looks down. 3 other judges sit beside her. I get in my starting position and wait for the music to start. I picked 'I found by Amber Run' because I love the words to it and I think that you can find love where ever even if you aren't looking for it. I finish the dance that I have planned and I feel like I did good. I walk off the stage and grab a water bottle from the cooler around the corner. I tell myself to calm my breathing and heart so that I can think clearly about my performance. I walk to the locker room to put my sweats and jacket on over my uniform so that I can go out and wait with the rest of the team. I am a part of a dance company in Guelph, Ontario named Emotions Dance Company. I have been dancing at this company for over 15 years. My mom used to be a dancer and got an injury at the most important dance competition in the world. My mother was the best in her time. I pull on my black and purple sweats and throw my purple and yellow jacket over my shoulder. I make my way to the stage and wait with the other competitors until award time. 


"Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for awards. Would all the contestants please come and sit on stage." We walk single file to the stage. "When I call your name, you may get up and come get your award." the woman says.

"For third place overall, Ms. Devon." Everyone claps as the girl next to me gets up and receives her trophy. "For second place overall, Ms. Ceavey." I got second. My mom is going to be so disappointed. In fact, I'm probably more disappointed in myself. Everyone claps as I get up and make my way to the left of where I should be standing. "And for first place overall, Ms. Klark!" A blonde headed girl gets up with a huge grin and collects her trophy. She stands in between the brown headed girl and I and poses for a picture. We smile and wait for the cameras to get enough pictures. A little while later, my mother finds me and tells me that I should have gotten first. 

"Honey, you did so good, but you could have done better on the twist and turn..." she goes on and on about what she thinks I could have done better. I glance around at all of the moms congratulating their kids and laughing. For one second, I wish that I actually had a mom who cared if I actually did good or was proud for her daughter getting second out of 30 girls and boys. 

"I'm going to go to the bathroom and then we are going to go." I nod as she walks away and I stand there and wait. The woman that was announcing the trophy comes up to me and congratulates me. 

"I think with a little practice you could be ready for the competition that your mother went." she says.


"Yup. Look. There's a camp happening in Detroit and I think you should go. I think if you go it could really help you."

"Okay. I'll ask my mom."

"Sounds good. Here's some information about the camp. If you have any questions, fill free to call me. My number is (323)***-****."

"Okay thank you."

"Your welcome." she says and walks off.

"What was that all about?" I hear my mother say.

"She wanted to ask me if I would be willing to go to this camp." I say and point at the information.

"We'll think about it." she says and grabs my wrist to drag me out to the car.


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