Its a story about a girl, who fell into a hole in mount ebott. This girl were always DETERMINED. There were obstacles she had to get done. And a little love in the air.


1. Mount Ebott.

A long time ago, a girl disapeared. No one knew, where she have gone to. Everyone tried, to find her, but no one had luck.


''Get out of here you freak!'' I flew through the air and landed really hard on the ground, my stepmom kicked me out of her house.

My tears ran while I ran into the woods, How could my stepmom do that to me, just wait when dad got home, he would be so mad at my stepmom. I ran as far as I could, to the last I got tired. I didn't realise that in front of me were a mountain, it was Mount Ebott. I thought to myself maybe there were a path, so I could actually explore it. My mom didn't allow me to explore it, she said It were dangerous to go up there alone, she said that some day before she pasted away.

I finelly found that path, I think I searched for a hour. When I walked up it were a diffrerent than I thought, I thought it would be hard and I had to go straight up but nope I didn't.

It were soon dark, I thought to myself, maybe I can find a cave, but instead of finding a cave I found a hole, a deep deep hole, I couldn't see the end. I tried to walk around it, but I slipped and fell.

I woke up sometime later, I were laying on a flowers, it looked like they were forming a cirkel. I stod up and looked around, it looked like a cave to me, I looked up I actually realised it wasn't that deep, maybe I thought it was deep because it were dark. I started walking, there were a door, a purple one, I got through it, I could see a yellow flower. ''Howdy Im Flowey, Flowey the flower'', my eyes were big, a talking flower?! how was that even possible. ''You're new to the underground, aren't ya'' I nod, and sad down in front of the flower. ''Guess little old me have to teach you, how things work down here, right?'', I nod again. Something happend im not sure what, but it became dark all around and the only thing there weren't dark were Flowey. I shocked, a red heart came out of me. ''You see that, that's your soul'' I looked suprised, I never knew I had a heart forming soul. ''Here take this'', some white thing came out of no where. ''Little white....friendliness pellets, you ready? take as much as you can'', I reached out after them... I felt weak...''You idiot! In this world its killed or be killed!'', Flowey laughed, and surrounded me, ''DIE!'' Flowey laughed again, evil and loud. But...Instead om killing me, they gave me strenght.

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