You Are My Smile

Hannah’s life was going just fine until he showed up and turned her whole world upside down. A trip down memory lane and a stranger, knocking her down to the floor, giving her the most passionate kiss she has ever had. A key chain the stranger dropped that she not only recognized, but given to this man the same year he broke her heart.


1. you are my smile

My life was going just fine until he showed up and turned my whole world upside down. I was in my dorm doing homework jamming out to my favorite disney playlist trying to finish my last paper for the semester. My roommate was gone like always leaving me in our room all by myself. I could do whatever I want as a college student and I chose to do my homework and sit in a dark room alone watching netflix. 10 pages about something I can’t even remember and once i hit the submit button, I am officially done with my last paper for my third year of college.

“Now I can sit in my bed, stuff my face with some warm popcorn and watch some tv.”

The popcorn is popped, I just finish putting on my fuzzy pj’s and get under my big blanket, hiding from the cold night outside my window and the time is only 10 pm. The moment I get all comfy, a small knock comes at my door. Who the heck is knocking on my door now? Throwing my covers off myself, I hop out of bed and go to open the door to see who it is. I can barely open the door before the person thrusts himself the rest of the way, knocking me to the floor where I find this man on top of me. I still have no idea who this guy is, but his hand brushes the hair out of my face and the light touch of his hand holding onto my arm sends shivers through my whole body. My room is so dark that I can only see a silhouette of this guy. A silhouette of a guy leaning closer into me. Closer, closer, closer… and his lips are on mine. A moment of shock hits me first, not fully knowing what to do, but then the kiss becomes more passionate and it feels real. It feels like I've done it a hundred times before. I am kissing a complete stranger in my own room, on the floor, in the dark.

“Let's go Ryan!”

A guy yells from down the hall for Ryan. the man on top of me starts getting up and offers me a hand before running off towards his friend. I am left in complete shock at what had just happened, but the smile on my face doesn’t want to go away any time soon. That is until i walk to go close the door and spot something on the floor this Ryan guy must have dropped.

“No, freakin way.”

In my hand I hold a small silver flower keychain with some words engraved on it. I run to turn on my light, knocking my desk chair over on the way and landing on the floor. Reading what the keychain says makes me glad that I ended up on the floor because it makes it that much easier to bang my head against something and in this case it is the wall I lean on.

“You are the reason for my smile. -Hannah”

I can’t believe he still carries around the Christmas gift I got him. The one I got him the year he broke my heart.

Somehow I ended up back in my bed twisted in my sheets, holding the keychain with the sun shining through the blinds telling me to get up. A loud groan escapes my mouth as I fall out of my bed in a heap of blankets not wanting to face him. I know I have to though right? I mean he should know it was me he kissed last night. We have been apart for 2 years now. What could happen?

Getting dressed is a nightmare and it brings back those nights when I spent hours getting ready for him. What on earth should I wear to tell my ex he kissed me last night? Jeans? Yeah these look good, and with this sweater it should be fine. Over quick and simple. I go to reach for the door handle only to see my hand shaking.

“Hannah pull yourself together. Tell him it was you, return the keychain and walk away. Walk away to your summer vacation of reading and lifeguarding by the pool. Alone.”

My feet find their way to the cafeteria where I see him sitting in a corner booth with two of his friends. My heart races faster as I slowly approach his table and their conversation goes silent when they see me just standing there staring at them. Ryan looks into my eyes and all I can do is try to look at him with no emotion at all. I did a horrible job at it when he asks his friends to leave and asks me what’s wrong. Those familiar knots start to form in my neck choking my words before they can reach the air. I try my hardest to stop the tears from falling and reaching into my pocket I pull out the keychain. We both stare at it in my hand and I know he knows exactly what it means but says nothing leaving us in a deafening silence.

I find enough strength to say nothing other than, “You broke my heart and the one reason I was always smiling.”

He finally reaches for the keychain and the brush of his hand brings back so many memories of me and him. I turn on my heels before he can see the tears streaming down my cheeks and I can feel him staring at me. Before I walk away, he says only one thing to me.

“I miss your smile.”

I turn to look at him with no emotion at all. “I do too.”

The end

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