Runaway Bride



1. runaway bride

The night Alexandra has dreaded for years has finally come and there is no persuading her father to change his mind as he gives her the coldest shoulder his daughter has ever seen. Just the two of them stand in the center of his office wearing the most elegant clothes from the public announcement just made to their people regarding the wedding of Princess Alexandra.

“Father please, you can’t make me do this. I just want you to listen to me. ” she pleaded with tears falling down her face.

King Nathaniel, her father, reaches for her hands to reason with the future queen of Nusania, releasing a sigh when Alexandra pulls away from him.

“Alexandra, you are going to be queen one day, and a husband will provide you with a future heir to the throne. He will be king of our country alongside with you. Your mother and I had an arranged marriage and didn’t lay eyes on each other until she walked down the aisle.”

King Nathaniel turned around to his chair, finding himself out of words to say where his daughter still won’t look at him letting her father stare at her back, trying not to scream and yell. She can feel her face became red with anger as her father continues to try and persuade her. Every word out of his mouth reaches Alexandra as a mumble as her mind is everywhere but that very room. For the past 18 years of her life, why won’t he listen to her for once?

“I miss your mother too you know. She was the most exhilarating woman in my life. And the most stubborn. I see her more in you each day.”

Alexandra finally turns around to see her father, the king, with his head buried in his hand. If she didn’t know any better, she would have said she saw a tear fall down his cheek after gliding his hands through his hair.

“May I go to my room now? I need to mentally prepare myself for my wedding.”

“Yes. you can go.”

With a wave of his hand the guards open the double doors where Alexandra finds her way out, but not quick enough because King Nathaniel says one more thing that nearly causes Alexandra to lose all her patience with him.

“There’s one more thing I needed to tell you. The prince and his family are already here. We will be having a ball tomorrow night where you can meet the man before your wedding the following day. Get to know him before the wedding. That is the best I can do Alexandra, I hope you know that.”

The guards closed the door behind her as she walked to her room and those words kept repeating in her head. “That is the best I can do.” the younger guard that usually stands by her bedroom is not there and is replaced with an older one she doesn’t really like. The man stands straight as a line with no expression on his wrinkled face.

“Hello officer Walt. I am in no mood to talk tonight so if you would please just send in my dinner with the chief’s assistant that would be very much appreciated.”

No words come from the guard other than a simple nod of the head and opening her door. The door closes behind her and she slides her back down, cradling her knees with her soft velvet dress rubbing against her face, which only spreads her tears all over her face. A few hours of crying and a knock comes on the door behind her. She stands up to let them in, trying to make herself look presentable, but the sight of the chief's assistant and his deep green eyes stares right through her fake face. The young boy pushes his trey through the door and runs to give Alexandra the biggest hug as the guard closes it behind him.

“Oh Alex, I’m so sorry. I guess it didn’t go so well.”

The boy who has always been there for Alexandra since she caught him taking one of her cookies. His face was stuffed with cookies with an innocent grin knowing he was caught by the princess with crossed arms ready to throw him in the dungeon. She grabbed his arm and as he pleaded not to be killed or thrown in the dungeon she just laughed at him. Being only 8 he was crying for his life and all Alex wanted was a friend.

“What’s your name?”

Whipping the tears from his face he manages to respond. “Michael. Please don’t tell anyone, I don’t want my dad to get in trouble.”

“Do you want to play with me?”

The young Michael looked very confused, but willingly grabbed the princess's hand and ran around the yard for hours before getting caught by the queen and king. The queen was overjoyed to see her daughter having fun, but the king yelled at Michael and sent Alexandra to her room for the rest of the night. “She needs to start acting like a princess, not a child.”

Michael sits next to Alexandra on her bed with a box of tissues he found on her dresser as she tells him the whole story. He sits next to her holding her hand the whole time as she cries about her father not listening to her again.

Alexandra violently gets up and starts walking towards her closet.

“I need to get out of here for a few hours. Can you cover for me?”

“Not again Alex.”

“Please Michael. Just an hour. If Walt wants to let someone in just tell him I am sleeping and don’t want to be disturbed.”

Michael lies down on the bed enjoying the dessert he just brought up for Alex. She is busy burying herself in the closet coming out in pants sneakers and a baggy sweatshirt, holding a rope. A rope she snatched from the stables to be used only for night time escaped from her guards. Alex throws the rope off of her balcony and ties one end to the railing.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you!”

Michael sees her head peeking inside with a huge smile on her face. He raises his cake, mouth full and she disappears into the night. Years of her secret workout sessions for fighting have paid off in the work it takes to lower herself down the rope three stories deep to the grass. Just when she can feel the tension building in her shoulders, she looks over her shoulder and notices another shadow doing the same thing. The looks of a man silhouetting her actions of climbing out of a window on a rope. Although it is only a black silhouette of the person Alex knows that he has recognized her actions too. He continues on his journey to the ground and after a moment so does Alex. They both finally reach the bottom and Alex stomps over to this man and plans on demanding what his actions were of being in her palace. They backfire as he runs over to her and covers her mouth with his hand dragging her behind the trees.

“Shush or you’ll get me caught.” He whispered in Alex’s ear.

Alex struggles to get him off and finally whips around ready to scream and yell until she sees who it is. A boy her age in the colors she knows far too well.

“You’re him aren't you.”

He looks at Alex like she’s crazy. He really has no idea who she was and then an idea crawled into her head.

“Who are you exactly and why were you sneaking out of the palace at this hour?”

“I’m, um, my name is Alex. I’m… a… an assistant to the cook. Just started this year. I don’t recall seeing you around before.”

“Yes. My family and I just arrived for the wedding. I will be marrying the princess Alexandra in two days. My parents' idea actually.”

The prince walks over to the bench in the garden and sits down resting his head in his hands. The look one gets when they have no idea what to think. One Alex knows very well. After a moment of sighing and pacing he looks back to Alex in the dark of night completely forgetting she was there muttering under his breath.

“I’m so sorry but I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Prince William of Amendola, but everyone calls me Will. I mean all of my friends call me Will. The few friends I have. Counting my staff…”

he kept rambling to himself pacing back and forth finally taking a seat. Alex couldn’t help but stare at him. The man she is marrying in two days has no idea who she is, having a mental breakdown right in front of her. The same thing she came down here to do. Sitting down next to him he finally calms down to look at her.

“So how do you feel about the princess?” She asks catching him off guard.

“I can’t say. I don’t even know what she looks like. The only thing I have heard about her is she completely shut herself out once her mother died.”

“Then what about you? What would you want the princess to know about you?”

Will looks at Alex in curiosity to why she keeps asking him these questions but willingly answers.

“I would want her to know the real me. Someone who hates being the center of attention and being told I can’t do something. Someone who is always looking for an adventure and a fun time.”

“I think she would like that. Knowing the princess, she also loves adventures and someone to make her laugh. Ever since my... I mean the queen died she felt like no one really cared that she lost a mom but that they all lost a leader. To her she was both a role model and a loving mother.”

“She sounds like a lovely person. I bet I would have loved to know her like her daughter does.”

A moment of silence passes and the moment Alex and Will lock eyes a shining light blinds them from above and they have been caught. Alex grabs Wills hand out of pure practice for getting caught thousands of times before. They run to the side of the castle and hide in the bushes. Alex has to cover Will's mouth from talking and getting them in more trouble. The light passes by them and once it has disappeared they run to their hanging rope waiting to see each other the following day at the ball.

Morning arrives and A strong blast of light shines through the open window into Alex’s room lighting up the tray Michael left at the door and reveals a pile of blankets on her couch which is Michael sleeping. A pillow flies across the room, making contact with his face sending him towards the floor. Alex burst out laughing and Michael jumps to his feet ready to fight someone.

“You are so dead princess. Get ready to suffer the pain of Michael!!”

Alex moans and buried herself in the pile of blankets on her bed as Michael runs to her bedside, jumping on top of her which only sends pillows and blankets flying everywhere revealing an over exhausted, laughing Alex.

“Good morning m’ lady. What can I service you with on this fine morning.”

“Advil and water my filthy servant. And can you also get off of me?”

“Not until you tell me what happened last night? I saw you and a hunk of a man holding hands running away from the spotlight.”

A knock came at the door along with the sound of the King’s voice. Michael knew exactly what to do and ran to my closet. The king never approved of Michael and Alex hanging out, but he was the only one who kept Alex from going insane over the years.


The door opens to the king dressed in his robe showing a little stubble on his face which Alex always loved. Made him look more like a dad than a king.

“I hope you had time to think last night about what I said yesterday. I really do want what’s best for you, but I am also king and need to do what is best for our people too.”

“I understand father. I just wish you would also look at it from my point of view. That’s all I ask. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get ready for breakfast. Will we be visited by the royal family of Amendola?”

“No. They had to go visit their family passing by on their boat off the coast. We will see them tonight at the ball.”

The King finally leaves after they sat in silence for what felt like forever and once the doors were closed Michael comes out of the closet ready to hear all the gossip. He is like a little puppy wanting a treat and with his big green eyes, it’s so hard to resist giving in. He sits and listens intently to every word Alex has to say about her night with the prince and the sly smile on his face makes Alex wonder.

“Why are you making that face at me?”

“The whole time you were just talking, you couldn’t stop smiling.”

“Not true!”

“Stop smiling right now.”

Alex tried so hard but couldn’t. She didn’t know why a helpless grin was sprawled across her face, but all she could think about was last night.

The day couldn’t have been more boring with the staff getting ready for the ball. Chairs and tables were rolled into the dining room and the ballroom and the cleaning crew was washing all the windows, vacuuming the floors and dusting everything. Alex spent most of the day in the stables with her horses and reading in the garden until it was time for her to get ready. A deep red gown was sitting on her bed as the hair crew worked on her blonde curls and the countless amount of makeup being put on her face.

“You know ladies, if it were up to me, I would love to wear a simple short and loose dress. Navy blue with a crystal belt around the waist. The fabric would be imprinted with a flower design and my mother’s favorite silver heels would fit perfectly.” Alex draws the crystal beltline,staring at herself in the mirror, picturing the dress on her and the touch of the fabric against her skin.

“Yes miss. Would you like a white flower in your hair?”

“No thank you.”

The last designer has left the room, leaving Alex in her chair, staring at the person in front of her. A person that could be on the front of a magazine in a stunning floor length dress and A diamond tiara.

“Well this is as good as it gets.”

A knock comes to the door and she leaves the room waiting for her life to be changed.

“I introduce Princess Alexandra of Nusania.”

The ballroom goes silent and everyone stares at the girl in red. The girl entering the room with a fake expression of gratitude. Someone who is happy to be there.

“I now welcome Prince William of Amendola to join the princess in a first dance.”

A path is made for the prince and Alex soon feels warmth in the sudden realization of the prince. Making his way over, reaching out his hand for hers. The music starts and the familiar steps glide them across the floor.

“I had a whole introduction planned out, but I guess we have already met.” said the prince.

“You had an introduction? I would love to hear it if you don’t mind. Prince William. I am delighted to have finally met you.”

“Please call me Will and I know we just met but it is in the best of my ability that I will try my best to get to know the real you in exchange you getting to know the real me.”

“That was lovely. Would you like to sit down?” Alex nudges to an empty table.

“Only if you would.”

Alex stops dancing and they walk over to a table where food is about to be served. A few minutes of talking and laughing passed until the room fell quiet as the king stood up making a toast. Will couldn’t take his eyes off of Alex who looked towards her father with full respect as king.

“I raise my glass to my daughter Alexandra who will finally make her mark on our world with Prince William by her side. I know they will do wonderful things together for our country. Here’s to them.”

A room full of people with eyes all on them and all Alex can do is fake a smile and walk out of the ball once everyone went back to their conversations. She walks towards the halls with Will on her heels.

“Hey, are you alright?”

A sniffle comes from the other side of Alex and as Will turns her around to face him, he sees her crying. His only thought is to bring her in for a hug and that’s what they do. Standing in the middle of the dimly lit hallway hugging.

“He just doesn’t understand. It’s all about him and the country. I understand he’s king but I’m his daughter!”

Out of her crystallized eyes she can see a few people exiting the ball and pushes Will away, wiping away her tears to see a few staff members pass with dirty plates then Michael.

“What have you done to my princess? I don’t care if you are going to be king but you have no right…”

Michael has to look up to Will to meet his eyes but still inches away threatening him. Alex can’t help but laugh and pull him away.

“Michael, he didn’t do anything to me. I was just upset. That’s all.”

Alex grabs his hands and whispers something, leaving Will very curious when Michael nods his head with a big grin.

“We think it’s that time of night for us to ‘go to bed’. Let’s go!”

Will looks very confused, but Alex holds onto his hand and the three of them run to the princess's bedroom where opening her door, reveals a tray full of desserts and drinks and the whole room is lit like a disco playing music only they can hear in the safely soundproof walls. Will just stands in astonishment not completely sure what to do.

“What is this? What’s going on?”

“This.. is the VIP section of the ball. One must be chosen to enter and only by the princess herself.” Michael says dancing towards the food.

“It started when we were really young.” Alex said sitting on the couch with Will. “I literally fell asleep in the chair in the ballroom and that’s when Michael saved me, waking me up and when he walked me to my room, this is what I saw. We jumped around all night and I woke up on the floor the next morning surrounded by pillows, blankets and snacks everywhere. It was the best night I ever had.

“From that day forward, Everytime we had a ball, I said my hellos and then disappeared, meeting Michael in my room for the real party. He has been the only one allowed, until now.”

“Wow. I feel so honored to be accepted by the princess, soon to be my wife.” will says.

Alex jumps to her feet saying, “Now we shut up and have some fun!!”

Leaving Will in his thoughts Alex joins Michael in dancing along to the music having no care in the world. No one to impress, no need for being professional and expressing the ability to be a teenager. Hours of non stop dancing, jumping around and singing to the songs and they all finally crash. Alex ends up falling asleep on the couch and once Michael turns down the music, he catches Will carrying her to her bed and tossing a blanket over her.

“She really is something isn’t she?” Will asks as he sits by Michaels side on the couch.

“She has been my best friend since I came to the palace.” His smile increases as he remembers that day like it was yesterday. “I came into this job with my father expecting to be belittled by the royals and just passed along. She caught me stealing a cookie and when I thought she was going to throw me in the dungeon, she asked me to play a game with her. Always treating me like an equal.”

Will turns around to stare at the sleeping princess waiting to wake up in the morning to her wedding day.

“If you do anything to her I will always be watching. Be aware that I have access to all of your meals.”

Michael trying to be serious with Will only makes him smile and share a laugh together. Michael ends up leaving and Will crashes on the couch waking up only a few hours later on the floor.

“Alex, are you awake?” he mumbled, trying to get off the floor.

Making his way to her bed, Will sits on the side, staring at how beautiful she looks. The sun rays shining on her messy bun and as she stretches her arms over her head, notices the man in front of her, and her mouth curved into a sleepy smile.

“What are you still doing here?” Alex says.

“Waiting for you to wake up so we can go get something to eat.” Will says moving closer to play with her hair. “I don’t know about you, but I am starving for actual food.”

Alex moans and turns back to her pillow and throws her blanket over her head. “5 more minutes!”

Will stares at the pile of what is his future wife and a mischievous grin appears on his face, coming up with an idea to get her out of bed.

“You know that I used to watch my younger cousin all the time? Do you want to know how I used to get him out of bed when he didn’t want to?”

A shift came from under the covers and what sounded like a no, but Will heard something in the lines of yes. Standing up, he grabbed the end of her blanket and yanked it off the bed, revealing Alex, hugging her knees for warmth.

“No, my blanket!” Alex cried still not moving. “I’m still not getting up.”

Will went back to her bed and straddled her making Alex face him. “I’m not done yet.” he said in a low voice.

Will’s hands went right into the sides of the princess, gaining a loud shriek of laughter as he tickled her all over.

“OK,OK,” Alex gasped through a fit of giggles. “I GIVE!”

Will sat on top of Alex in victory as Alex laid beneath him, trying to regain her breath.

“That always works. My cousin lasted longer than you though.” Will says helping her to her feet.

Alex can feel her face redden and grabbing her robe, they head downstairs for breakfast.

The day consisted of a boat load of work to do for the wedding later that day and preparation for addressing the public. Alex sat through many hours of speech creations and last minute decoration decisions until she was finally able to sit down in her dressing room and get ready.

“I can’t believe I am getting married today. Do you ladies have any advice for me?” Alex asks her ladies crew, and the only reply she heard came from a male voice by the door.

“Be yourself. Will’s a good guy and he has the best friends' approval.” Michael said.

Alex ran over to him, throwing her arms around him not wanting to let go.

“Michael, what would I do without you here?” Alex whispers, “they are trying to put me in that dress over there.”

Michael looks over to my bed and sees the disaster of a white gown laying there.

“You mean the one wth the poofy arms?” he gasped.

MIchael walks over to the ladies waiting to get me dressed, waving his hands shooing them from my room. He also walks out, but comes back holding the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“Do you like it?” he asks.

Alex is left in shock as she stares at her dream dress, but only in white. The dress falls to her knees with a crystal beltline and a flower pattern embroidered into the fabric leaving Alex in tears.

“MIchael this is beautiful and it fits perfectly! How did you know? How did you get it? How did…”

Michael hands Alex a note with no name on it and when she opens it, more tears fall from her eyes.

Dear Alex,

I overheard you talking to your ladies crew and decided you should wear what you want for your wedding. I know you didn’t get to choose the guy so I thought this would help. I want you to know how much I care for you and how I know you will be an amazing queen for your country. These are your people and you are going to be in charge, not me. I wish things could be different, but they are for the best and believe me when I say that I will love you for not as queen, or my wife, but as someone who dances like there is no tomorrow. Someone who could care less about how she looks in the morning and someone who isn’t afraid to break the rules once in a while to have a good time. Don’t be afraid to throw the rule book out the window once in a while and show those beautiful legs of yours.



The end

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