When There was Me and You



1. when there was me and you

Total blackness absorbs me and my head spins like I’m on a roller coaster. Then, everything comes clearer and I am back to that day. That amazing day talking with my best friend.

“So, Libby how is your ice cream?” Sam asks.

“It couldn’t be better. How about you? How’s your disgusting pistachio ice cream?” I ask trying not to let out a laugh.

Sam becomes very offended and turns the other way with his nose in the air.

“How rude!”

“Oh, come on Sam! I didn’t mean it. Please look at me.” I say placing my hand on his shoulder and when he slowly turns around to face me, I muster up the best puppy dog face I can do which only sends Sam in a fit of laughter. He pushes me off him and that's when I place my ice cream down and run away from him chasing me.

Sam and I have been best friends since freshman year when we got the leading roles for the spring play. He was an awful actor, but the best guy to audition. Opening night, he actually laughed during our serious scene after he kissed me and we have been friends ever since.

Sam continued to chase me around the fountain and when I ran towards the grass, he picked me up from behind and tackled me to the ground.

“I won,” he chanted, pumping his hands in the air, still sitting on top of me.

“That’s great, but can you get off of me? You are cutting off my air supplies.” I say trying to buck him off with no luck. He is so much bigger than me and I don’t spend every day at the gym like some people I know. He stops his victory chant and pins my arms over my head, leaning in inches away from my face. His breath hits the side of my face, sending shivers down my back. Staring into his crystal blue eyes and that faded smile makes my stomach feel weird. Something just happened and all of a sudden, everything around us disappeared and it was Sam and I alone. My eyes went from his eyes to his lips and he inched closer and closer to me until it happened. It was nothing like the first time we kissed and it felt much more real. Before he pulled back, I could feel him start to smile and him playing with my hair never felt better than it did at that very moment.

“Libby, do… Do you want to go to the school dance with me on Friday?” Sam asked me after helping me off the ground.

I pull him in close and grabbing his face, I give him one more kiss saying absolutely.

We went from best friend to boyfriend and girlfriend and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. We did everything together and when senior year came, I never saw our story coming to an end. Prom came around and we had the best night of dancing together and when we went out for dessert after he told me the biggest news imaginable.

“I got accepted.” Sam exclaimed with pure excitement. I couldn’t help, but shriek in excitement for him and everyone in the restaurant turned their heads towards us, making my face go three shades reder. I grabbed his hand across the table and turned down my volume a few octaves.

“Sam that is incredible! Where did you get in? Where are you going? Florida? Maine? Rhode Island?” I stopped talking when Sam’s excitement level went from a 10 to a 2. He looked away from me and his smile faded.

“Hey, what is it?” I ask. He slowly turns his head back to me letting out a sigh and whispers “I’m going to Rome.”

He’s going where? I now know why he didn’t want to tell me because I just froze. My jaw dropped to the ground and my eyes were glued to his. He’s going where? No, he wouldn’t leave me. This is just Sam being Sam and pulling a joke on me, right? No way is he being serious. He makes no movement and has no intention to say anything. He waits for me to say something, squeezing my hand, trying to pull me back to reality. He’s going where?

I shake myself out of my trance and find the words. “That’s great Sam. I’m so happy for you.”

“So, so you’re ok with me going?” he manages to squeak out.

NO! NO! NO! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! I scream to myself. What on earth will I do without my best friend?


Weeks turn into months and the days I have left with him turn into hours until we are standing at the airport, ready to say goodbye. He brushes my hair out of my face and his hand lingers on my cheek, wiping away the tear falling down.

“Please, don’t cry Libby. If you start, I’m going to be right there next to you in a heap on the floor.”

I laugh through the tears and try to make this less harder than it already is. He pulls me into a hug before I could see him start choking up too. I never wanted to let go of him, but when he starts to break away, I know it is time. My throat turns into a knot and when Sam walks away and turns around making a heart with his hand and his stupid puppy dog face, I smile through the tears, spending the rest of the day crying alone in my room. That was the last time I saw my best friend and the only man I have ever loved.

The end

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