The President’s Son

Liam Mcnulty is no ordinary boy, well not any more. Since his dad became president Liam has only been seen as the president’s son and everyone knows everything about him whether he wants them to or not. A massive secret Liam has been keeping finally surfaces and the president destroys it immediately. Will Liam just sit back and watch his father destroy his love life or will he finally stand up for himself and say what he has always wanted to say?

1. chap 1

It was another boring press conference where my father answered thousands of questions regarding his view on politics and his own personal life that he always shot down. Hours of standing on my feet behind him, thinking about anything else and everywhere that I’d rather be, which was anywhere but this 12 by 12 sized room, with 7 windows, 144 ceiling tiles and roughly 50 microphones. Actually, I only thought of the one place I really wanted to be with the one person I knew would be there. The one person that my father would never approve of me seeing. The one person who keeps me sane and no one but me knows that. Did I mention that my father is the president of the United States? Which makes me the president’s son, Liam Mcnulty.

“Thank you, everyone for coming and that will be all for today.”

My mom’s hands rests on my shoulder and my younger sister Ava, and I think I have face cramps from all the fake smiling. My father waves to the crowd still yelling his name, or actually his title and walks out the door with us following him.

“Well that went well, don’t you think?” he asks us.

My mom goes in for a kiss and tells him it was perfect.

“Eewww mommy stop!” Ava says shielding her eyes. They only laugh and continue walking, farther and farther away from the room.

My mom goes in to pick up Ava and gave a weird look to my dad before heading to Ava’s play room, where I have lost count of how many times she made me play with her and there were more than a few times I regretfully say, I was found to be wearing some of her costumes and let her paint my nails. I don’t think my father or I should say, the president, was very pleased with the situation.

“I am going to go to the garden sir, if that is alright.” I ask my father as I start walking away, but he grabs my shoulder before I could get too far.

“Before you go, I need to talk to you in my office for a moment.”

He strides away ahead of me, expecting me to follow, which of course I do even if I don't want to. The circle office is right around the corner and every staff member we pass, stops what they are doing and says “Mr. President” just to acknowledge him. Everyone just ignores me because, you know, I’m just the son to the president, no one of any importance. Everyone but my man George. George is the guy who keeps all the staff members in line and he is also the only one who knows my biggest secret. He says good afternoon to the president and slips me a note for my eyes only. With a wink of an eye and his sly smile beneath his stubbly white beard, I slip the note into the pocket of my blazer. The doorman at the circle office greets the president and allows me to follow him inside, closing the door behind me. Many times before this one, I have had talks with my father about being more presentable to the public and things that I should be doing and things I should avoid. Image is everything to him and many times, I have been on the verge of ruining his. We both sit on the couch in the middle of the room, throwing my feet up on the table, immediately regretting doing so when my father gives me that look. The one mothers usually give their children when they have done something wrong.

“Liam, I wanted to talk to you about some rather important information I received earlier today about you and some member of the staff.”

I immediately sat upright and the rush of every muscle in my body tenses up to a point where if I moved something would snap. My father made no movement at my reaction, sitting with his legs crossed, staring me down.

“A housekeeper informed me about seeing you and some girl in the garden, embracing one another.”

Yeah, I’m dead. My father has a way of making someone so uncomfortable just by sitting there, staring you down, until you crack. I have been here more than once and have always been able to keep my cool, but not today. My face was boiling hot and I couldn’t sit still.

“Care to explain?” he continues, staring me down with no movement whatsoever.

“Yeah.” I stuttered “she was…” think of something you idiot! “My... staff member of the week.”

At that moment, my father uncrossed his legs, leaning in towards me. “Can you repeat that?”

I could finally loosen my shoulders and my grip on the couch. “Yeah. Every week, I pick a member of the staff to appreciate and I go up to them with something nice, like homemade cookies or flowers and tell them how much we appreciate what they are doing for the president and his family and making our capital presentable to other countries and those within our own walls.”

I nod my head, praising myself for coming up with that on the spot, leaving my father speechless and finally letting down his guard.

“Well, alright then. That is a very noble thing to do Liam.” he stands up brushing his suit.

I stand up as well and wait for him to go to his desk and when he motions for his right hand man, I forget his name, but that is my sign to leave.

“If you see your mother, tell her I might not be able to make dinner tonight, I have to settle a dispute between Kansas and Colorado.” he opens his laptop and I know that there will be no sight of him till tomorrow at breakfast. Possibly lunch. On my walk back to my room, I remember the note George slipped me before my meeting with my father, and run to the closest bathroom to open it.

Out of breath I make it and rip open the letter, smelling roses as I open it and the sight of her beautiful hand writing.


Meet me at our place at 5 tonight. I need to talk to you. It’s urgent.


A smile forms on my face and there is nothing that can take it away. Other than the sight of my watch that says 4:55. Great, more running. I have five minutes to go down two flights of stairs across the hall, down the hall to go up another flight, across the lawn and down another flight to get to the garden, where Ellie is waiting for me, arms crossed.

“You’re late.”

I stare at her from across the dimly lit room, still panting from all the running. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt covered in dirt and I, still wearing my monkey suit and dripping in sweat. I walk over to her, embracing her in my arms as she does to me, smelling the flowers and soil embedded in her blond hair thrown into a ponytail.

“I missed you so much Ellie.”

Staring into her crystal blue eyes, a smile appears on her face and she blushes as her hand reaches my neck pulling herself up to meet my lips, sharing with me a soft passionate kiss. She pulls away, as I linger for more when I suddenly remember the real reason why I was late.

“What’s wrong?” she asks.

“The reason why I was late.” I walk away to go sit down on the window seat where she joins me.

“Hey, I was just kidding before. I really don’t care that you were late.”

“It’s not that. My father needed to talk to me about a said rumor that was passed along to him.” I stop and grab her hand.

“A rumor about us.” I look deep into her eyes and she finally understands. Now she stands up and starts pacing the floor, mumbling nonsense to herself.

“Hey, Ellie, calm down. We just need to think about what our next move is.” I stand up watching her move from one end of the room to another. “We can make code names for each other. And George knows about us already and is completely on our side. He can be our middle man. I can find a secret room in the white House where we can be alone.” I list on and on, to how we can continue our relationship in secret where no one has to know, but Ellie looks at me like a mad man and finally stops pacing.

“Liam, that’s crazy! We are bound to get caught again and I will lose my job here, and I really love this job! You will be grounded from doing anything ever again and never leave your room! Ava will have more freedom than you and she’s 6!” WIth every point she makes, her voice grows louder and louder as she gets closer and closer to me until she is inches away.

“We’ll make it work. Somehow.” I whisper to her and that's when Ellie breaks. Tears start falling down her face and my only reaction is to wrap my arms around her and fall to the floor letting her cry into my arm. We both just sit on the ground for hours as I stroke her hair, holding her for what feels like the last time. It’s not though. I am going to tell my father everything and if he doesn’t like it then too bad. It is my decision and before we became the presidential family, we were just regular people like everyone else. I went to a normal public school with bullies and girls that made me do a double take. Parents who went to my soccer games, well actually my mom and Ava went to them, but I actually played soccer! Now I go to press conferences and tea parties with Ava.

“Liam, I better go. It’s getting late and I need to water some flowers before I go home for the night.” Ellie tries to clean up her wet face and forcely stands up.

I stand up, grabbing her hand before she walks away. “I will make this all go away. I promise. We will be able to be together and not in hiding anymore. I really do love you Ellie.” wait, hold up. did I just use the L word? Ellie noticed it too with wide eyes and in shock. We both just look at each other, frozen, for what felt like an entire minute of shock until Ellie Ran into my arms and kissed me.

“I love you too.”

She prances away, leaving me alone in the room. Outside one of the windows, I see a brisk shadow of what I thought was someone watching us. I shook it off, floating on air, knowing that Ellie feels the same way about me as I feel about her.

Dinner could not come faster, and that hour of homework left me with two problems done in math and thinking about how I want to address my father about me and Ellie. I’ll have more time to think about it tonight. There was no way he was going to be at dinner, because every time he says he might not, he never is. So when I walk down to the dining hall, my jaw actually hits the floor when my mother, Ava, and father were all staring at my entrance. I definitely did something wrong, but unlike the other times, I have absolutely no idea what I did.

“So, father, I see you made it to dinner. Is everything settled between Colorado and Arkansas?” I ask, as I sit down.

“Kansas, Liam and no. I had to deal with some other things that involved my attention.” He managed to avoid eye contact the whole time and my mother tried to lighten the mood by stating how far Ava has come with her ballet lessons, and Ava yelling about how nice her teacher is and what she has learned. I for one want to know what other situations he had to deal with so, when dessert came out I brought us back to the subject.

“what other things did you have to deal with father. Another debate coming up?”

He still avoids eye contact and eats a piece of his chocolate mousse.

“No. I had the horrible job of letting someone on our staff go today.”

My mother perked up and asked why.

“She was lacking in her duties and said to be sleeping on the job.” His pause at sleeping made me suspicious and that’s when I knew, because he finally looked at me. I had to ask, but I didn’t want to know. I take another bite of my cake and asked who.

“Some girl working in the garden. Emme, Ella.” He takes another spoonful of his mousse staring me down. My fork drops onto the table and I freeze, staring at my cake not wanting to look at my father.

My mom puts a smile on her face and says, “You must mean Ellie dear. She was such a nice girl too. I asked her to get me some flowers for my window and she gave me the most beautiful assortment that looked gorgeous in the window. Such a shame to let her go.” she picks up her glass of wine to finish it off.

“Such a shame indeed. If only she followed her job description and did as she was told, we wouldn’t be in this problem.” his glare became stronger with every passing word he says, making me feel smaller and smaller.

“Well dear, I must be going to bed. I'll take Ava with me since it is past her bedtime.”

“No, mommy! I don’t want to go to bed! Can we have one more tea party with Mr. Snuffles and Mrs. Maxy?” Ava pounces at the foot of mom and is declined her wishes, but given one bedtime story and goodnight back tickles. Something she used to do to me when I was younger.

A kiss on the forehead for me and she walks off with Ava, leaving me and the president alone.

“I think I am going to head to my room as well. I have some last minute homework I need to do.” I stand up, trying to run away as fast as I can, before I hear a very strong voice say “sit.” slowly turning back to my seat, my father stares at the table cloth like he is studying it for the final exam.

“You lied to me earlier today. I was told moments before dinner that you were not only hugging this said garden girl today, but kissing her as well and cuddling together for a whole hour!” he paused, finally looking at me. “Is this true or not?”

“Yes.” I whisper, lowering my head to staring at the table.

My father pushes his seat back, having it flip over to its side as he slams his hands on the table, making me stare at the table even harder.

“You deliberately went behind my back and did exactly what I warned you not to do. You made a fool of me in my own home.”

“It’s not just your home.” I mumble under my breath.

My father raises his voice again saying “excuse me?”

That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I finally decide to stand up for myself. I stand up to meet my father in the eye. “It’s not just your house! We had a home in Connecticut before you became president, remember!” I begin pacing back and forth saying everything that I have ever wanted to say to my father.

“Before you became president, you were a father. Oh, wait, actually you were a governor. You never were a father to me. Or Ava! You NEVER came to any of my soccer games and you NEVER once went to one of Ava’s ballet recitals and every time there was a father daughter dance, you had to leave early or showed up late because someone or something more important needed you.” I think I finally hit a soft spot when he crosses his arms waiting for me to finish. I’m on a roll though and everything just flows out. Even if I wanted to stop, there was no turning back now and there was no stopping me.

“Now that you are president, your own daughter treats you like a stranger. When has she ever called you daddy like she calls mom mommy? When have I ever called you dad? Doesn’t that bother you?” a tear falls out of my eye and even though a knot starts to form in my throat, I still talk through it.

“I told Ellie I loved her tonight. And she told me she loves me. There is nothing you can say to keep us apart and she is the most loyal and considerate person I know. We have been seeing each other in secret for the past year and along with our secret dates, she has always done her work and never slept on the job. If you fired her to teach me a lesson, that is the biggest mistake you have ever made. I will personally over ride your reason to fire her and hire her back whether you like it or not. I may just be the president’s son, but there is no way that you are going to ruin her life to teach me a lesson.” I cross my arms waiting for some kind of slap or punishment in return trying to catch my breath after my rant.

“If there is nothing else you want to say, I am going to bed.” I turn away angrily saying, “goodnight.” marching away like a soldier going into battle.

Once I get to my room, I throw myself on my bed and stare at the ceiling, trying to figure out what exactly happened down there, because it was all a huge blur. I think all the things I have been storing in my brain just bursted open and I had no control of what I was saying or even care about how my father would react in return. I just marched away leaving my father in utter shock, making my getaway before it all sank in and had the worst punishment a son could imagine. The son of the president might have a lot more terrible things running through his mind. I mean, he has access to the FBI and a jet. Yeah, I’m so dead tomorrow.

A knock jerks me out of bed, praying that it is only my sister or mom making sure I am ok or that Ava can’t sleep and to my surprise, it actually is Ava. My little sister behind my door, holding her stuffed panda bear, crying.

“Hey Ava, what’s wrong? I thought mom put you to bed already.” I run my hand through my hair not wanting to deal with her at the moment and It sounded more mean than what I intended.

“I couldn’t sleep. I heard you yelling and something crashed and it made me sad. Why did you and dad fight? ” She wiped a tear away with her panda bear hand and that's when I picked her up and brought her to my bed. She cuddles herself into my side and I rub her hair the same way I do to Ellie.

“I was just telling him how I felt and it came out a lot harsher than I expected.” I watched her close her eyes and hug her panda bear as I now talked to myself.

“I finally found a girl who cared for me as much as mom cares about you, and he just rips her right out of my fingertips because she made him look bad.” Ava was fast asleep and no longer listening.

“Maybe it was meant to be. I can never be seen as a normal teenager again. They will always see me as the President’s son.”

The end

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