The Devil Curse

Willow was a original girl that what she thought but actually she a witch and the devil daughter.


1. Chapter 1- The Heir

Chapter 1- The Heir

in the dream*

I wake up in a fire red world with flames underneath me but they died down like quicksand. I heard the devil pound-feet come toward me. ”My daughter, you return, ”I look confused at the devil. I have no father well I did but he was unknown. ”Sorry but I think you been mistaken. My father was unknown when I was born and I was rising by my mother till she turns 22 and then she died in a fire and now I live with my godparent Emily and Zach, ”I told him even total I don't know why. I just want him to know that he was mistaken with the wrong girl.

He stares into my green eye while they were turning white like I was be possession. ”I am not mistaken, Willow but I see you are not awake but you will be soon because you will be heir to the throne, my throne but bye for now daughter, ”I wake up with sweat on me and I heard rock been throw at my window and I open it to reveal my best friends Tom Naze still with the same brown hair and blue eyes. ”Tom what are you doing here? My godmother will kill you if she saw you, ”I say to him through my window. ”I know but wait up there. I come up, ”He climbs up the weeping tree and into my room.

”Why there burn on your arm? Are you hurt yourself again Willow?”I look at my arm and saw burn marks. “No, I’m not. It just that I have a really bad dream but I’m okay,” He nods. “There a number on your hand,” I look at my hand and saw the number 75 on it.

I grab the book and fire start on both of my arm and Tom grab his water bottle and pouring on my arm and the fire went out. “Thank you,” I say with a smile. And open the book to page 666 and it says. There be no tale told like this one. The devil daughter is also known as a witches, heir to the throne. They have 75 to chose to go dark or stay sleep in good.”

I close the book. “Are you okay?”He asked. Yeah, what are you doing here again?”I asked looking at him. “Right umm I was wonder if you would like to go to prom... with me,” I drop the book by surprise. Does Tom have a crush on me, no he couldn’t right? “Umm sure that be nice to dance as a friend,” I say because that what we are. Me and Tom have been friend since kindergarten. “Right I pick you up tomorrow at 4:00,” I nod with a smile. “Umm Bye, ”He climbs down the weeping tree to the ground with fresh green grass like my eyes. And there were snapdragons and tiger lily and a river and Tom leave.

“Daughter,” I run downstair and saw my godmother Emily still with the same brown hair and hazel eyes with glasses like my godfather but he has red hair not the same colour of my red hair obviously he was my mother friend and he has amber eyes. “Who are you talking to?”Emily Asked. “I just read a book out loud,” I tell her. I don’t want to talk about it. Well now that it officially that I am the devil daughter, I don’t want any part of talk about it with my godmother. “This late???”I nod.

”I couldn't sleep, ”I told her. ”I fetch you some chamoline tea, ”She pouring the chamoline tea in a pink white teacup and give to me and I take a sip. ”Thank, I then go to bed. Goodnight godmother and godfather, ”I went upstairs. ”Goodnight and daughter you know you can call us mom and dad. I know your mom passed was the worse day for you, ”I cut her off. ”It okay, goodnight umm mom and dad, ”I went to my room and went to sleep.

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