The gates of magic

Two girl, two boy was choose to be the next guardian now they go to collages called The gates of magic. Will they find something that is changes their lives?



1. 1.Tempest


“God of magic gives us a sign,” The crystal glow and show 4 people. Two girls and two boys.


I walk in a big bright orange collage. And everywhere I saw people with birthmarks. The birthmark symbolizes our power so if you have a flame that means you have firepower. And if you have ice cube that means you have ice power and if you have feather like I do, you have weather power and if you have two triangles that mean you have the power of all and it means that you’re an everything.

I walk to the office. “Hey, I am Tempest, I’m here for my room number, ”The office nods. ”Tempest Rain right?”I nod. ”It 112,” The office lady said. ”Thank you, ”I walk into room 112 and saw a boy with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. ”Are you my roommate?”Tempest asked. ”Yeah, hi umm I’m Locke, nice to meet you, ”He held out his hand. ”I’m Tempest, ”I shake his hand with a smile. ”Tempest that beautiful name, ”I blush. ”Umm thank you. I like your name too, ”He blushes. ”You have the master bed if you want?”Locke point at the gold master bed. ”Sure, thank, ”I smile. ”You’re welcome so do you like the crack?”He asked. ”Who are the Crack?”I asked. ”Have you been live under a rock?”I laugh. ”No, ”I said staring at Locke. ”I think you like them, ”He said put their music on.

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