The Protector

In the year of 2066. Boston is a dangerous place ruled by shadow and everything buried by the dragon be rode by elf. Faire Skas was taken in a clan called The Protector that will stand to fight for humanity but Faire fall in love with Luke but Luke in a different clan with Faire ex boyfriend Akos. Can Boston ever be safe again? And can Faire be in love with Luke or will it be forbidden?


1. Prologue

My mom was driven the car. ”Mommy where we going?”I asked. ”It okay sweetheart, we be there soon, ”I look out the window. A dragon appears and breathes its fire and 4 teenagers open my car door. ”Hey what your name?”One of the teenagers asked. ”Faire Skas, ”I say looking at the 4 teenagers. ”Oh ok. Faire Skas, come with us, ”The teenager says. ”What about my mom?”I asked. ”We don't take mother now come on, ”I nod and get out of the car.

I follow the 4 teenagers to a building and we walk inside. ”Come with me Faire, ”I nod and follow the tall thin teenager with glasses cover his brown eyes and he has blonde hair. I saw a bedroom with a pink bed. ”This is your bedroom. Welcome to the Clan of The Protector, ”He said. ”Wait who are you?”I ask. ”My name is Robin, ”He leaves and closes my bedroom room.

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