he draws you sunflowers



1. he draws you sunflowers

He draws you sunflowers, but knows things would be complicated. 

He tells you that you’re a light in his life but says he’s in love with another girl. 

He sends you love songs but can’t ever tell you if he means them. 

He texts you everyday, you’re his best friend on snap.

 He compliments you, you have inside jokes, but you can never tell if he’s serious. 

He’s not happy and distractions keep him sane. You would know, you’re the same way.

 But one thing led to another and you aren’t distractions to each other anymore.

 But neither knows what it means, neither admits that things have changed.

 And both know it would never work out or be supported. 

He listens to the songs you send him, and remembers your favorite color. You just don’t know. It’s complicated you tell yourself as he talks about kissing you and watching movies together. You talk about gas station candy stops and your favorite flowers, how you feel late at night when nothing makes sense. 

There’s something sweet in the forbidden. Something interesting. 

I’ve always been drawn to the things I can’t have.

 Of course this wouldn’t be any different. 

But he’s in love with another girl.

 He constantly asks you what would happen if he caught feelings for you. 

But then rants about how much he hates having feelings for the other girl.

 He loves her, but you’re still there. 

You don’t really think you have feelings for him, but when he sends you videos of him singing in the car you smile so wide.


 Just for a moment.


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