If Only I Had Someone To Talk To

I wish I had someone to talk to


1. Where Did Everyone Go?

It's been very quiet on Movellas everyone left (including Meli who I miss dearly) but why is everyone leaving sure that they want to explore new fan-based websites which is fine some people aren't meant to stay on this website (unlike some people who abandoned me on this website and I never hear from them again and it hurts a lot) sorry if I'm ranting it's just I don't understand why doesn't anyone want to leave Movellas it's a great website I love the graphics that they put and I love the competitions that they do I just really don't want this website to shut down or go away forever it's like a home to me for the past seven years. If anyone else is reading this I just wanted to say that you are not alone and if you ever need to talk to someone I'm here and if anyone likes stranger things please let me know cause I really want to start a stranger things fan-base club sorry if this story is short I'm not very good at writing stories but if you want to check them out you are always welcome too. Well that's All I have to say and have a great week 


- Sincerely Yours Preslee 

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