I think love you too.

There's a new prophecy... "EWW!! NO WAY, NO WAY!!! I AM NOT MARRYING APOLLO FATHER!! THERE IS NO WAY!!!" Sydney Grace is the younger sister to Jason and Thalia grace. When the Greek gods show up in Camp half-blood everyone is so confused.They say there is a new prophecy... about An arranged marriage between Sydney Grace and Apollo. Sydney is not happy about this at first, but deep down she knew she had feelings for him.


1. I hate when they come...


"Syd come on the gods are here." Her best friend Will solace said pulling her towards the big house.

"Will Let go!" Sydney screamed. Probably the whole camp could here that scream.

Will didn't let go. "Not until you say the magic words." He said grinning, knowing that she wasn't going to say them. 

The other campers stared at them. They always wondered if they would be a couple. When they got to the outside they saw the gods waiting for them. "We have an announcement." Her father, Zeus said. "There has been another Prophecy. An arranged marriage between Apollo and my daughter Sydney." he finished and all the campers looked at Sydney. Sydney looked at Apollo. Apollo grinned as if he waited his whole life for this very moment. "Well that's it continue on with your day. Daughter come here." Zeus said. 

Will looked at Sydney"Go on momma." he whispered. He was the one who knew what drove her up the walls. He pushed her forward toward her father Zeus. She glared daggers at Will.

"You have to be kidding right? This is all a joke a complete joke?!" Sydney was talking to no one in particular. 

Zeus blinked. "No it's not a joke you and Apollo are getting married." He said it so calmly. 

"Your joking!!!" Sydney repeated. Looking at all the gods serious faces. 

"You better believe it babe." Apollo said. Sydney then glared daggers at him.


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