Anya Ketchum

Anya Ketchum has finally turned 10 years old which means that she can finally go on her Pokémon journey. She gets an unexpected starter Pokémon.
Later discovers that she's a Psychic and Aura user. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.


1. Unexpected Starter


This is my first attempt on writing a Pokemon fanfiction so go easy on me.

'Hello' - Pokemon speech


It was a quiet night in the town of Pallet Town in the Kanto region. The heroine of our story, Anya Ketchum, was watching a Pokemon battle on TV. Her dream is to become a Pokemon Master. Anya wasn't like most girls in her town. She was mature and kind for someone her age. While other girls would be fanning over Gary Oak, Professor Oak's arrogant grandson, she would be studying and interacting with Pokemon. Anya loved Pokemon with all her heart. She would always stand up for them if they were ever abused or degraded. Strangely enough, any kind of Pokemon would easily befriend her. Even a Gyarados, which was strange.

Back to the main story, Anya was in her room, watching the Pokemon battles on the TV. She was excited about tomorrow. She had just turned 10 last week. According to the law, anyone at the age of 10 is given a license to become a Pokemon trainer. They pick out a starter Pokemon before heading out on their journey to collect Pokemon data and catch Pokemon to train in battle and share bonds with. Before Anya had turned 10, her mother was teaching her things she would need to do on her own when she's on her Pokemon adventure like taking care of herself and her Pokemon.

True that most trainers are more concerned about collecting as many Pokemon as they can. But Anya didn't worry that much about numbers, she mostly cared about the Pokemon itself. Mostly to define it as quality. She believed that any Pokemon can be strong if they're trained in a good way no matter their size.

Anya looked to her left of shelf near her bed and saw the three Pokemon eggs she had found a month ago. They were found near a tree near Oak's corral. Luckily they weren't in any danger when she found them. So she decided to take care of the three eggs. She was excited to see what Pokemon will hatch from them.

"Anya, time for bed." Delia, Anya's mom, told her with the bedroom door slightly opened.

"Sorry mom, I'm a little bit excited about tomorrow." Anya admitted.

"Well, you should get to bed now if you want to get your starter Pokemon tomorrow." Delia reminded her.

"I hope that I'm early enough that I won't encounter Gary." Anya prayed.

"And that's why you should go to bed now." Delia suggested.

"Okay." Anya grabbed the remote and turned off the TV and got into bed, "Good night mom."

"Good night, dear." Delia said before she turned the lights off and shut the door behind her.


The sun came up from the horizon and the Pidgeys were chirping before they flew off from their perches in the trees. By then, Anya was already out of bed and just finished her shower. She came back into her room and got dressed for her journey. After she was dressed, she made sure to make her bed and to double check her supplies in her backpack. Then she carefully put the eggs in her backpack. Once that was done, she took her backpack and went downstairs to have breakfast with her mom.

"Oh, you're up early." Delia said.

"Well, I want to arrive early so that I don't get the chance to run into Gary." Anya stated.

"Personally, I think that Gary might have a little crush on you, my dear." Delia commented.

"I highly doubt that, mom. Besides, I don't even like him and he brags every two seconds. Who would want that kind of guy?" Anya questioned, "Oh wait, every other girl in town besides me."

Delia sweat dropped at that. Anya soon finished her breakfast and put her dishes in the sink.

"Thanks for breakfast, mom. I'll see you after I get my starter Pokemon." Anya said.

"Alright, see you then." Delia said before Anya closed the door behind her and headed off to Professor Oak's lab.


"Anya, you're the first one here." Prof. Oak said.

"Yup. I wanted to get here early before Gary." Anya explained.

"Well, since you're early, how about I give you your starter Pokemon?" Prof. Oak suggested.

"Okay." Anya nodded.

Professor Oak led Anya into his lab. They soon arrived back at the lab where she saw four Poké balls. The first one had a fire symbol, the second had a water symbol, the third had a leaf symbol, and the last one had a lightning bolt symbol. Professor Oak walked behind the one with the lightning symbol.

"I caught this Pokemon just the other day. I hope that he might be your starter. But I must warn you, he has quite a temper." Prof. Oak warned.

He released the Pokémon from the poke ball and revealed a yellow mouse with red cheeks, brown stripes and a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"A Pikachu." Anya said.

"That's right, and as you probably already know, it's an electric type Pokémon. You see I found him chewing on some wires outside and captured him and got shocked because of it," he laughed.

Anya stared at Pikachu as he stared at her. He glared at her and turned his head away.

"Pikachu, this is Anya Ketchum. She's your new trainer." Prof. Oak introduced her.

But Pikachu made no gesture to greet Anya. Professor Oak sighed at this. He had to admit that this was one stubborn Pokemon. He remembered how Anya had dealt with the most stubborn Pokemon on his ranch. It confused him why Pikachu had seemed so wary of him and Anya.

"It's nice to meet you, Pikachu." Anya greeted.

"Well, it's not a pleasure to meet you." Pikachu insulted.

"You could have sugar coated your greeting a little bit." Anya stated.

Pikachu blinked when he realized that Anya had understood what he had said, but he still kept his head away from her.

"Just because you can understand me doesn't mean that I'll trust you." Pikachu scoffed.

Anya sighed at that. She knew that she had a long way to go if she wanted to earn Pikachu's trust. She wondered what caused Pikachu to mistrust trainers so much. His aura told her that he had a deep hatred for trainers. It was obvious that Pikachu won't tell her.

"Well, can we at least try to get along?" Anya suggested.

"Over my dead body." Pikachu huffed, glanced at her and turned his head away.

"You know that you're being very rude right now. Could you please try and be polite?" Anya offered.

"Why should I?" Pikachu glanced at her.

"We're partners now. We have to trust each other." Anya replied, holding her hand out to him.

Suddenly, Pikachu shot a thunderbolt attack at her and Professor Oak, she quickly dodged out of the way while Professor Oak jumped back against the wall, accidentally dropping Pikachu's pokéball. Anya landed on her side and quickly sat up when she saw Pikachu with electricity sparking on his cheeks coming towards her. She scrambled up against the wall as she stared at Pikachu with fright in her eyes. The male Pikachu was glaring at her with hatred in his eyes.

"I will never trust a trainer. Ever." Pikachu growled.

Just before he could launch his next thunderbolt attack, a crash came through the window. Anya raised her arms over her head to shield herself as the pieces of glass came down. Once the pieces were down, Anya lowered her arms and saw the one who caused the window to break: a female Raichu stood in front of her, but it seemed to be smaller than a normal sized Raichu.

Pikachu stared at Raichu as the electricity in his cheeks simmered down. At that moment, Raichu used Mega Punch against Pikachu's face which sent him flying into the wall and caused him to get knocked out. Then Raichu used her tail to push Pikachu's pokéball to Anya. She looked at the pokéball and then at Raichu who nodded. Anya nodded back and aimed the ball at the unconscious Pikachu.

"Pikachu, return!" Anya ordered.

In a stream of red energy, Pikachu returned to his pokéball. Anya and Professor Oak let out sighs of relief. The two got up and Anya handed the pokéball to Professor Oak.

"Thank goodness that's over." Prof. Oak said.

"Yeah." Anya agreed and turned to Raichu. She knelt down so that she was at eye level, "Thank you, Raichu. If you haven't come in when you did, things would have gotten worse."

"You're welcome. I had to stop my little brother before he could cause real harm." Raichu slightly bowed and looked up at Anya.

"That Pikachu is your little brother?" Anya pointed to the pokeball in Prof. Oak's hand.

"Yes. I've tried my best to look after him, but he always causes trouble and I-" Raichu trailed off and blinked at Anya, "Wait a minute, you can understand me?"

"Yeah, I've been able to understand Pokémon ever since I was little." Anya told the female Raichu.

"That's incredible! I never thought that I would get to meet someone who can understand Pokémon!" Raichu squealed.

Anya couldn't help but slightly giggle at Raichu's reaction to her gift. Then someone's stomach growled. Raichu looked down in embarrassment.

"You're hungry, aren't you?" Anya asked.

"Yeah. I kind of am." Raichu replied while rubbing her belly.

Anya chuckled at that. Professor Oak cleared his throat and the two looked up at him.

"So what's going to happen to Pikachu?" Anya questioned.

"I'm afraid that he'll have to be locked up so that he won't endanger people or Pokémon." Prof. Oak informed her.

Professor Oak and Anya looked down at Raichu who seemed to be pondering. Then she looked up at the two.

"Do what you must." Raichu responded.

Anya translated what Raichu had said to Professor Oak.

"I am sorry that we have to do this." Prof. Oak apologized to Raichu before heading off to inform the police.

Anya went to the kitchen to get some Pokémon food. She took out a bowl and a box of Pokémon food. She poured it into the bowl and put the box back. She came back to the lab and placed the bowl in front of Raichu who squealed happily at the sight of food and began chowing down. Anya smiled before she sighed as she sat down in a chair. The first day of her journey wasn't turning out so great. Her starter Pokémon tried to kill her as soon as she tried to get along with him. If Raichu hadn't come by, she would have been paralyzed for life or worse, dead.

"Are you okay?" Raichu asked.

Anya looked down at Raichu who was looking up at her.

"I'm fine, maybe a little bit bummed, but I'm fine." Anya replied with a small smile as she pet Raichu's head.

"About what?" Raichu questioned.

"I was supposed to start my journey today with my starter Pokemon, but that didn't turn out so great. So I guess that I'll have to wait a few months for a new starter to come." Anya answered.

"I'm sorry that my little brother ruined your plans. I was somewhat hoping that if he went with a kind trainer, he might change. But it appears that I was wrong." Raichu apologized.

"It's alright, Raichu," Anya assured Raichu, "You didn't know that your little brother would react like that. So I'm not blaming you for that."

Raichu pondered for a moment and then she got an idea.

"How about I be your starter Pokémon?" Raichu suggested.

"Huh?" Anya blinked.

"If I wanted a trainer, I would like the trainer to be you," Raichu played with her paws with pink cheeks, "I've talked with the other Pokémon here and they said that you're a kind and caring person who loves Pokémon. So can I travel with you?"

"I would like that, Tesla." Anya smiled.

Raichu smiled and began jumping around happily. Suddenly she stopped and blinked. Then she turned to Anya.

"Tesla?" 'Tesla' asked, tilted her head to the left.

"I thought you would like a name. If that's okay?" Anya questioned.

"I like it!" Tesla squealed, "But what's your name?"

"Oh, I guess I forgot to introduce myself," Anya remembered, "I'm Anya Ketchum and it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Pleased to meet you as well." Tesla greeted, holding her paw out. Anya gently held it and the two shook hands.

Professor Oak came back into the lab. Anya and Tesla turned to him.

"Pikachu has been sent to Officer Jenny. She'll make the arrangements for Pikachu," Prof. Oak informed, "I'm afraid that you might have to wait for another starter to come, Anya."

"Actually, Tesla has agreed to be my starter." Anya told him.

"Tesla?" He questioned and spotted Raichu next to Anya. Raichu raised her paw to him, "Oh, you mean this Raichu?"

"Yes, she wants me to be her trainer." Anya nodded.

"I see," Oak took out a Pokéball from his lab coat pocket and handed it to Anya, "Here, you'll need this to make her your partner."

Anya nodded and held the pokéball in front of Raichu and gently tapped her on the forehead. Then Raichu was sucked into the pokéball. It dinged instantly which meant an easy capture. She let Raichu out of her pokeball.

"No offense, but being in a pokéball is somewhat uncomfortable." Raichu confessed.

"Don't worry, you don't have to be inside your pokéball all the time. Only for emergencies, deal?" Anya assured her as she pet her head.

"Deal." Raichu nodded.

"Alright then, let me give you a few things before you head out." Prof. Oak said, picking up a tray from a table, "Here's five pokéballs and your Pokédex."

"Thank you." Anya thanked him as she put the pokeballs on her belt and held the Pokedex which she noticed was different from the ones the Professor had.

"Before you go, Anya, there's something different about your Pokedex." Prof. Oak said, "Your Pokedex is a Kalos version one. It has different functions than the Kanto one. It's able to scan any pokemon from the Kanto region to the Alola region."

"Wow/Wow." Anya and Raichu awed.

"Also, you can switch or transfer your Pokemon on the Pokedex to my lab instead of going to a Pokemon center to do the switch. You also have the limit of twelve Pokemon on hand." Prof. Oak explained.

"Really? Thank you!" Anya smiled before she looked at Prof. Oak, "But why?"

"Consider it a gift for all of your hard work at my ranch. Besides, I have a feeling that you might encounter a lot of Pokemon outside of the Kanto region." Prof. Oak smiled.

"Letting me work as your apprentice/assistant and learning about Pokemon from you was rewarding enough, Professor Oak." Anya protested.

"Always the humble one." Prof. Oak teased which caused Anya to slightly blush in embarrassment, "Oh, before I forget, I'll give you some egg incubators for you so your eggs will be safe and warm."

"Thank you." Anya thanked him.

The Prof. pulled out three egg incubators and gave them to Anya. Anya took the eggs out of her backpack and put them in the incubators and put them back in her bag.

"Well then, I wish you luck on your journey, Anya." Prof. Oak said.

"Thank you, Professor Oak, for everything." Anya thanked him.

Prof. Oak nodded and turned to Tesla.

"You look out for her, Tesla." Prof. Oak requested.

"I will." Tesla saluted Professor Oak who smiled at the gesture.

"Bye, Professor Oak." Anya and Tesla headed out the door as Professor Oak waved them goodbye.

As soon as the door shut, Professor Oak sighed and then smiled again. He turned to the window as the sun was shining.

"She'll become a great trainer. I know it." Prof. Oak said to himself.


Anya and Tesla were walking down the steps from the lab until they reached the end to see Anya's mom waiting for them.

"Mom, what are you doing here? I thought that you were going to meet me at the house?" Anya questioned.

"Well, I got excited and couldn't wait. So I decided to come here." Delia answered, smiling.

"Thank you, mom." Anya thanked her.

"Is this your new friend?" Delia asked, looking at Tesla.

"Yup, I named her Tesla." Anya replied.

"Tesla, huh? Well I think it suits her." Delia complimented.

"Tesla, this is my mom, Delia." Anya introduced her.

"It's nice to meet you, Tesla." Delia greeted

"Pleasure to meet you, Delia." Tesla greeted back.

"Take care of my daughter, Tesla." Delia said and Tesla saluted. Then she turned to Anya, "I'm really going to miss you, my dear."

Delia had tears in the corner of her eyes as she and Anya hugged.

"I'll miss you too, mom." Anya said against Delia's shoulder.

Then the two separated and Delia wiped away the small tears in the corner of her eyes.

"I'll make sure to call you in every town I'm in. That way you'll know I'm alright." Anya promised.

"Okay. Now you have Tesla to protect you." Delia smiled.

Anya and Raichu waved goodbye to Delia and then headed off to Route 1. The first step of their journey starts here.


The best things in life happen unexpectedly.

The best stories begin with "and , all of a sudden..."

The best adventures were never planned as they turned out to be.

Free yourself from expectations.

The best will come when and from you least expect it.

~ Unknown

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