Anya Ketchum

Anya Ketchum has finally turned 10 years old which means that she can finally go on her Pokémon journey. She gets an unexpected starter Pokémon.
Later discovers that she's a Psychic and Aura user. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.


3. Route 1


'Hello' - Pokemon speech


Anya and Tesla were walking through the forest which led to a path to Viridian city. Anya hoped to catch some Pokémon before she got to Viridian. But she'll have to find a water Pokémon to fight in the Pewter gym who specializes in Rock type Pokémon. But if she couldn't, she could just bring her water Pokémon from the lab. She was brought out of her thoughts when she spotted a Pokémon in the grass. It was a brown colored bird with a cream colored chest. Anya recognized it as a Pidgey, the bird Pokémon.

"Tesla, thundershock." Anya whispered.

Tesla nodded and launched the attack on Pidgey which instantly knocked it out and Anya threw a pokéball at it. Pidgey was sucked inside and it wobbled three times before it dinged which meant a successful capture. Anya picked it up.

"Yes! We caught a Pidgey!" Anya and Tesla cheered, "Welcome to the team, Pidgey."

Then Anya realized that she forgot to scan Tesla with her Pokédex.

"Tesla, can I scan you for a second?" Anya asked and Tesla nodded.


Raichu, the mouse Pokémon. The evolved form of Pikachu. It can shock its enemies with more than 100,000 volts. 

Gender: Female

Type: Electric 

Attacks: Thundershock, Mega Punch, Tailwhip, Iron tail, Swift, Aura Sphere, Quick Attack, and Volt tackle 


Pidgey, the tiny bird Pokémon. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back. 

Gender: Female

Type: Flying 

Attacks: Gust, Sand attack, and Quick attack

Note: This Pidgey is larger than the normal Pidgey

"Pretty impressive moves you both have, huh?" Anya complimented.

"Thank you, Anya." Tesla thanked her.

"How about we fish for some water Pokemon before we get to Viridian?" Anya suggested.

"Good idea." Tesla agreed.

A few minutes later, Anya had her fishing rod out with Tesla sitting beside her at a river not too far from the path. So far, nothing was biting. But Anya had faith that something will. However, she and Tesla were enjoying the peace as she fished. Suddenly her rod caught something. She pulled on her rod and out came a Staryu, but it was a different color.

"Tesla, thundershock!" Anya pointed at the fish Pokemon.

Tesla let out her electric attack and the fish Pokemon was knocked out. She threw a Pokéball at it and it was sucked into the Pokéball. It wiggled three times and then it dinged. Then she checked the Pokemon on her Pokédex.


[Staryu. The Star shaped Pokémon. The core of this Pokémon shines in a rainbow of seven colors, a core that is valued by some as a type of jewelry.]

Gender: Unknown

Type: Water

Attacks: Tackle, Rapid Spin, Water gun, Psychic, Swift, Recover, and Confuse Ray

Note: This different coloration indicates that this Pokémon is a shiny Pokémon

"Wow, a shiny, huh? Well, let's take a break and heal Pidgey and Staryu." Anya suggested.

"Yeah!" Tesla agreed.

Anya took out the healing potions and oran berries for the other two Pokemon. Then she let the two Pokemon out and healed their injuries and gave them the berries to give them their energies.

"Feel better?" Anya asked.

"Thank you." Pidgey nodded.

Staryu's gem blinked a few times which probably meant that it was okay.

"I'm glad." Anya smiled, "Just to let you know, my name's Anya Ketchum. I would like to ask you if you want to join me on my journey."

Pidgey and Staryu glanced at each other and turned to Anya and nodded.

"We would be glad to." Pidgey replied.

Staryu blinked twice which probably meant 'yes'.

"Thank you very much, you two. How about I give you two names?" Anya suggested.

"I'm not sure about a name yet. I'll think about it." Pidgey replied.

"Okay, take your time." Anya assured.

"Did you understand me?" Pidgey blinked.

"Yeah, I've been able to understand Pokemon ever since I was little." Anya informed the two Pokemon.

"Wow." Pidgey said in awe.

Suddenly, a beeping sound was coming from Anya's bag.

"The eggs!" Anya shouted and quickly went over to her bag and took out the three eggs from the egg incubators and put them in her lap.

Tesla, Pidgey, and Staryu sat near her as the eggs began to glow which meant that they were about to hatch. The lights got brighter blinding everyone and Anya had to use her arm to cover her eyes from the intense light. When it died down she saw four baby Pokémon on her lap looking right at her.

"Ralts?" the two small identical Pokémon said.

"Rarf?" a small slate gray fox-like Pokémon said.

"Tini?" a blue snake like Pokémon said.

Anya couldn't believe it. The eggs had been taken care of were very rare Pokémon. The Ralts twins are rarely found in the Hoenn region. Not to mention a Zorua and Dratini as well. She took out her Pokédex and scanned the four Pokémon.



[Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon.

Ralts is the pre-evolved form of Kirlia. It can use the horns on its head to read human emotions. Ralts rarely shows itself to humans, but may occasionally approach when it senses positive or happy feelings.]

Gender: Female

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Attacks: Disarming voice, Double team, Confusion, Calm mind, Teleport, Draining Kiss, Magical Leaf, Healing Pulse, Psychic, Future sight

Then she turned to the other Ralts beside the female.

Gender: Male 

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Attacks: Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Growl, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Stored Power

Then she scanned the one next to the male Ralts.



[Zorua, the tricky fox Pokémon.

Zorua hides its true form by changing its shape into people and Pokémon. It likes to surprise Pokémon.]

Gender: Male

Type: Dark

Attacks: Scratch, Night Daze, Agility, Leer, Scary Face, Fury Swipes, Hone Claws, Taunt

Note: Due to its color, this is a shiny Pokémon



[Dratini, the Dragon Pokémon. Dratini sheds its skin as it grows, often doing so while hidden behind large powerful waterfalls.]

Gender: Female

Type: Dragon

Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Thunder wave, Dragon rage, Hyper beam, Water pulse, Slam, Twister, Agility, Safeguard, Aqua tail, Dragon dance

Anya was amazed at the Pokémon that hatched from the eggs she had been taking care of. She smiled at their cute, innocent faces. Suddenly the three tackled her into a hug while Dratini wrapped herself around Anya's neck and nuzzled her cheek. She chuckled at their affections.

"I'm glad that you're finally here." Anya said as she hugged them.

Her other three Pokémon agreed to that as well.

Anya then agreed that they should stop to eat lunch. Before that, Anya managed to convince the three hatched Pokémon to go into their pokéballs. Once that was done, they were added to Anya's team. Then she let them out so that they could eat lunch with everyone. After lunch was done, Anya returned all of her Pokémon except Tesla into their Pokéballs. Soon enough, Anya and Tesla were back on the road. Then it started to rain. Anya and Tesla quickly ran for cover under the trees as they waited for the storm to end.

"Seriously, rain? I thought we were supposed to have clear skies today." Anya pondered.

"Well, the only thing I know about the weather is that it can change pretty quickly." Tesla commented.

"True. Let's just hope that it ends soon." Anya stated. As soon as she said that, the rain dwindled and stopped. Anya and Tesla blinked at that. "Okay that was weird."

"Very." Tesla agreed.

The two walked back onto the road and looked up at the sky to see a rainbow.

"Beautiful, isn't it, Tesla?" Anya asked.

"Yeah." Tesla nodded.


Suddenly they heard a Pokémon cry out and the two noticed something in the sky. The Pokémon resembled a phoenix and a peacock and it had a golden yellow glow with its long tail. As it flew, it left a trail of glitters and rainbow behind. Anya's eyes widened when she saw the Pokémon. She recognized that Pokémon. She quickly took out her Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon.


[Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokémon. It's said that Ho-Oh wings create bright, colorful rainbows and there are rare few bare witness to Ho-Oh are promised eternal happiness. It also flies throughout the world in search of trainers with a pure heart.]

Note: It's said the Ho-Oh is a mythical bird Pokémon

2nd Note: Ho-Oh is the legendary Pokémon from the Johto region

"Eternal happiness, huh?" Anya pondered as she and Tesla continued to watch Ho-Oh fly towards the rainbow. Then Anya saw something glittering was falling towards her. She gently grabbed it and looked at the item which was a beautiful rainbow feather. Anya and Tesla were awed by it.


"Beautiful." Anya whispered.

"Pretty." Tesla muttered.

"We better keep this feather hidden. Who knows what someone would do to it if they find it." Anya said.

"Agreed. A feather of Ho-oh would probably be worth a lot of money to a very greedy person." Tesla agreed.

Anya took off her backpack and placed the feather into one of her backpack's pouches. Once she zipped it up, she put her backpack on and stood up. Then she spotted three objects in the middle of the road. Curious to see what they were, she walked up to them and was shocked to see three eggs.

"Where did these come from? I was sure that they weren't here a minute ago." Anya pondered.

"That is weird. Eggs just don't pop out of nowhere." Tesla agreed.

"True, but we can't leave them here. We'll take them with us." Anya decided.

She knelt down in front of the eggs and took out the egg incubators. She placed the eggs inside them. Then she carefully put the incubators back into her backpack. She put her backpack on and turned to the view of Viridian city.

"Let's get going, shall we?" Anya turned to Tesla.

Tesla nodded and the two headed off to Viridian.


Pokémon on Hand: Raichu (Tesla) (F), Lucario (Rio) (M), Altaria (Tara) (F), Greninja (Genji) (M), Delphox (Flare) (F), Pidgey (F), Staryu (Genderless), Ralts (Blade) (M), Ralts (Miku) (F), Dratini (F), Zorua (M)

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