A New Pack

When Inuyasha lets Kikyō join the pack without Kagome's consent, she and Shippo leave the pack. Along their journey, they make a new pack: a dragon demon prince, a kind-hearted onmyouji, a white tengu, and a hanyō lion cub. Some Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. But OCs belong to me.

1. Leaving

"Stupid, stupid, stupid Inuyasha!" Kagome said as she ran all the way to the well in the middle of Inuyasha Forest.

Kagome stood over the rim while hot tears went down her cheeks. She had another fight with Inuyasha about Kikyo. He kept talking about Kikyo being better at everything; Kikyo this and Kikyo that. Now he's letting Kikyo join them and the others agreed to let her travel with them. He didn't care about her. All he cared about was the woman who tried numerous times to take her life and gain the rest of her soul. He's acts like that she doesn't even matter to him. Kagome was just sick of it. Maybe it would be better if she just left the feudal era for good, but she had a responsibility: to restore the Shikon no Tama and get rid of it. Then she felt something warm jump onto her shoulder. She turned and saw Shippo sitting on her shoulder.

"Kagome, are okay?" Shippo asked. He looked worried at her.

To Shippo, Kagome felt like a mother to him. When his father was killed, Kagome kindly took him in when others would probably kill him or left him to survive on his own. Shippo was always worried how Inuyasha was treating her. He couldn't understand why Inuyasha was treating her so horribly after everything she's done for him. Now he's letting the very woman who tried to kill Kagome many times into their group. To Shippo's point of view, Inuyasha is such an ungrateful jerk.

"Hey Shippo." Kagome said.

"What is it, Kagome?" Shippo asked.

"I've been thinking about leaving the group." Kagome said, sadly.

"What?!" Shippo asked, shocked.

"I'm tired of being treated like a shard detector and as Kikyo's copy." Kagome said.

"If you're leaving, then I'm going with you!" Shippo said, "I don't want to hang around Inubaka and the walking clay pot!"

"Shippo." Kagome said and then she smiled, "Okay then, hold on tight to me." She sat over the well and jumped down until the two were surround by a blue light.

She sealed the well after she and Shippo came into her time. Her family was so fascinated with Shippo as soon as they entered the house. Her mom was so happy to see the one who called her daughter "mamma". Souta and Shippo became instant friends a few minutes after they were introduced. Her grandpa threw sutras at him. Shippo was a little bit freaked out when grandpa tried, then Kagome told him that his homemade sutras don't work. He lost a little bit of his pride. Souta explained to Shippo how to play his video games. Shippo was very infatuated with Souta's games.

After a few weeks of resting, she started training at a shrine outside the city. The miko there was glad that she finally had a student. She was also lucky that the miko didn't mind having Shippo around. She said that Shippo reminded her of her energetic nephew when he was younger. At the shrine, she learned better control on her reiki through meditation. Not only did she work her archery, she learn a lot on swordsmanship.


After Kagome and Shippo Left:

Meanwhile, back in the feudal era. Inuyasha went towards the well so that he could drag Kagome back to the group. He knew he had Kikyo, but he also needed Kagome. He was angry at her for sitting him. So he didn't let her have an opinion about Kikyo joining the group, but they needed more help. He jumped into the well and noticed something strange. There was no blue light surrounding him when he landed. When he looked up, there was no well ceiling. Only the blue afternoon sky.

The well. It didn't work! Inuyasha thought, She must have sealed the well!

He couldn't believe it. She sealed the well in order to keep him from dragging her back. He had protected her from everything that tried to harm her. Not to mention that she was his shard detector and he needed her to help find the shards. Even though Kikyo was stronger and better than Kagome, he still needed her to help him.

If she's not coming back, then good riddance! Inuyasha thought as he jumped out of the well and headed back to the village. He didn't know how the others were going to take this. Kagome was like a younger sister to Sango and Miroku. She was also a mother to Shippo. Probably to summon it all up, he was going to be banged really hard on the head by Sango's Hiraikotsu.

"She was a worthless miko anyway." Inuyasha snorted.  


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