Lost But Loved

A love story based in Japan. Keito Shiokaze, a 17 year 2nd year highschooler meets Atorasu Aisorohito in a typical romance gag moment. They go through the typical progression of boy meets girl until an accident. After months in the hospital Atorasu seems fine, except "Who are you". This story is about painful and suspensful love. Will Keito make her fall in love him again? Will Atorasu gain her memery of Keito back? Find out chapter by chapter in Lost But Loved.

Author's note

For... The World

1. Sure

It was a cool, late summer day, the leaves of the tree where changing and the warm air was shifting. A cool hue was set upon the rows of desk and the sunlight was angled so that it  cast a golden ray through the windows.

    Keito sat staring outside at the school’s courtyard. He noticed a pair of butterflies in pursuit of each other. Spinning and twisting in the air, like dogs chasing their tails.

    “You’ll never catch each other unless you stay still”, he muttered.

    “Keito, were you saying something”, asked Sempai Kagayuki.

    “Oh… sorry no, I was just talking to myself.”

    “Alright, as long as you’re finished you can daydream.”

    “Haha, very funny Senpai”, he murmured.

    Kieto laid his head in his arms and fell asleep. He began to dream that he was back in the United States. He could only vaguely remember who his friends and neighbors had been, but he could describe in detail the home he spent his first seven years in. It was a comfy sized ranch with a slightly contemporary design. His room was on a corner that faced the West so that the sunset rays, hue of orange, red and pink would shine through his blind before bed. It was surrounded on two sides by a sea of corn stalks. He remembered in the fall his family would ask the farmer to pick some corn and their fridge would always be stocked until January. He remembered in the winter he would sled down the hill in front of his house with his parents. He remembered happiness and joy, but remembered no faces. He had no more connection to people there, he might as well have been a native Okinawan.

    He was back on his old lawn. It was a spring morning and the grass was glazed with morning dew. He was sitting in the large maple tree that dominated the lawn. He was watching the deep blue sky and the wholesome clouds that lazily glided across the sky. 

    Suddenly, he felt something large hit his head from above.

    “You stupid rodent!”

    He was awake. In front of him was the face of a startled girl. She had light brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Her face was soft yet strong at the same time, with high cheekbones but rounded features. But, what surprised Kieto the most was her green eyes, that were about to burst into tears

“Wait… what just happened?”

“I’m so sorry the booked slipped out of my hand!”

“Oh, oh sorry… I thought it was a squirrel”, he replied meekly.

“Sorry, you were sleeping. I’m just glad you’re not mad at me.”

“No, I wouldn’t be.”

Keito leaned over his chair and retrieved the book. When he looked at the cover he was confused for a second. The book was in english. Of Mice and Men, was displayed on front.

When he handed back the book he asked, “Are you studying english.”

“No”, she replied. “I lived in the United States for a few years.”

“Oh really, I was born there. I moved when I was seven.”

“Cool, where did you live.”

“Oh you probably wouldn’t know it, I lived in Omaha Nebraska. A flyover state.”

“Wait, Omaha, Nebraska really ? That’s where I lived while my family lived there! My father worked at a medical company that cooperates with Japan and we were sent there for a few years.”

Keito was excited now. He never thought he’d ever meet a person from Nebraska again.

“When did you leave?”

“About three years ago. In 2042.”

“Oh really, I moved here in 2043.” She looked up and looked like she was trying to remember something. “Yeah, I lived in this greyish white house that was surrounded by a cornfield. There was a large tree there and I think it was an oak tree. I-”

“Maple tree. It was a maple tree.”,Keito interrupted. Keito’s heart started to race. Did this girl live in the house he used to?

“You said it was a greyish white house, with a cornfield surrounding it and a large tree right? Was it also near  a small pond with a mini island?”

“Wait… yeah. I think so... my dad took me fishing to a nearby pond sometimes.”

“Hold on, to be sure of what I'm thinking, did one of the rooms stand on a corner that faced the sunset?”

“Yes, that was my room. Every, evening I would watch it lower behind the cornfield and it filled my room with-”

“Red, orange and purple.”, Keito finished.


“Yeah”, he repeated.

Keito’s heart was beating now, but it was different than the last time. It was more forceful now. He couldn’t bring him to look her in the face any more and stared at his desk.

“Keito right?”

Keito jerked his head up, “Yeah, and you’re Atorasu.”

“Yep, well thanks for not getting mad at me and the talk.”

“Well, sorry I scared you.”

“It’s okay.”

Keito went back to looking at his desk, but noticed she was still standing in front of his desk.

“Uh… um Keito? I wasn’t in the States for very long. I wanted to hear more about it. Do you want to… uh… go to that new Dim Sum restaurant on saturday with me and finish our conversation.”

Keito looked up and couldn’t say anything. She began to turn around and walk back to her desk, then suddenly Keito grabbed the edge of her sleeve.

“S-sure. Yeah I’ll go.”

“Okay, 3:30p.m. on saturday.”

And thus began a new chapter in Keito’s life...

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