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I'm just a girl who likes to read and eats a lot of food. So, that's why I have no life. (lol) Anyways, please comment, favorite, and like my stories! You're beautiful!

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    Hey guys, I've been getting a few comments about how you couldn't read some chapters of Life is Full of Surprises. I have fixed them all, so yep! Happy readings if you're still reading it... And I hope to update Don't Let Me Go sometime this week! Have a good day!
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    Hey guys! Thanks for reading Don't Let Me Go! Trust me, it gets better later. Hopefully. And if you aren't reading it, go read it! I love you all!!(:
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    I'm really liking this. I haven't read any plot that's like this and that's a good thing, you're really creative!(:
    Finally Out of the Darkness
    Finally Out of the...
    My name is Victoria Taylor. I have brown hair, blue eyes and I’m from Cheshire. What else did I leave out?......Oh yeah! I am victim of bullying. I am in my last year of high school, and yet again the...
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    Hey guys! I appreciate you reading my story! Please check out my other stories it would mean a lot!(: comment, favorite, like, and share!! Thank you!!(:
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