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5SOS for life! From one member, to having three to being complete with 4! Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum are OMG <3 <3

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
    I think I like this version better! Short and sweet! Good luck! x
    Life in the Clouds
    Life in the Clouds
    Some of you guys know this as my story 'The Afterlife Of a Fangirl'. This is the same story, I just made a lot of changes so that it is eligible for the contest! So...Here's what it's about: A girl can...
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
    Can you put on the lyrics for Irresitible?
    Lyrics that Changed my Life(1D lyrics and more)
    Lyrics that Change...
    I know this is pretty lame to post a Movellas with other people's songs, but most of these lyrics really changed my life, or have inspired me or just relates to my life. Sometimes, I might post something...
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
    can u please fan the account LoveOfTheMusic? thanks dear!!!
    Dear dairy | one direction(+12)
    Dear dairy | one...
    Luna, Amalie, Amanda, Mathilde og Ida bor i Holmes chapel. De bor på samme vej som Harry styles. De går i samme klasse med ham. De er alle helt væk i ham. Men kun en af dem havner med ham. De andre ender...
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
    please update!!!
    Can We Fall One More Time
    Can We Fall One...
    My names Erin Carter. I have a two year old son named Ricky, I big brother named Jacob, and a best friend named Alexandria Jones. If you're wondering who the father is, it's Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry...
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