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Well shit.....this account was embarassing af ��

  • 9/9BackTogetherAgain

    mumbled "Writers Block SuCkSS"

    I really want to update Drift but i have *Thunder Sounds* writer's block!!! Does anyone have any tips on getting over *Thunder Sounds*writer's block? Anyways, my laptop is literal shit so i haven't been on in forever soz... idek love yall so much <333
  • 9/9BackTogetherAgain
    Hi again...so I was at my grandparents for a while and I got super bored amd we started talking about their childhood amd it was actually a REALLLY sweet and cute lovestory and I wanted to write about it because I may or , may not have fangirled over my grandparents (hint hint I did) so I was wondering if any of you would read it? I was also toying with the idea of making an original version, and then an edited fanfic version but idk... Would you guys mind maybe commenting or liking if you would read it? Love Ya Lots everyone :-) Christina
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