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Hippophile is a real word and for those who don't know what it means: "A strong horse lover"

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    Hello Guys, i'm the co-Author she is talking about and would like to say that she is right about judging us based on age. We spend about 95% of our time studying new techniques and training to try on these horses, it can't hurt to teach them different ways of doing things can it? The horses we work with will practically all be sold so trying new things can help in the long run in case someone uses a different technique. We also work with a wide range of horses from one who wont take a halter to one that just doesn't move fast(n the fastest we have gotten her up to is a trot). We do everything to make sure we keep the horse feeling comfortable and safe, we never push them to the point of distress or pain. Please comment if you have any questions or need help with something.
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