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  • acrylics
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    i'm going to be different here and say this: i appreciate the courage it takes to tell people the truth. the things you say, i sometimes think, but because i don't want to cause any drama, i keep it to myself.

    some people, however, may not agree with this account. and honestly, no one likes when someone is blatant and blunt, so your account may cause problems and a whole bunch of whining on sites such as movellas.

    at least you're telling the truth. but to avoid any drama, please stop. thank you xo
  • acrylics
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    You stupid bitch, give me more. I love your cover btw ♡
    Skinny Love • h.s.
    Skinny Love • h.s.
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    spirit orbs
    6 years ago
    stfu ho. Leigh is working on it
    thank you <3
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