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Hi, I am a student of English studies from Poland, who loves reading and loves writing ever more :) Writing in English is my way to entertain myself and polish my language skills at the same time.
I started writing years ago, after I read "Ragers Apprentice" by John Flanagan - and I've never stopped. Maybe I'm addicted :)

  • One Way Ticket from Hell
    One Way Ticket fro...
    by AgaPl
  • AgaPl
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    Hi, so if I write a love story and I use a cover I made myself is that all right? It's just a foto of night sky edited with the tools provided here on this site.
  • AgaPl
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    It's so sad, but the idea is really interesting and it's really well written :)
    James Grey and The Song of Fear
    James Grey and The...
    James Grey and the Song of Fear is the tragic tale of a young boy coping with the loss of his family and the monster living inside of him. With each word the separation between boy and horror begins to...
    1 years ago
    Thank you! I at least try to make things as interesting as possible XD
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