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Hey guys! What's up? My name is Alexa. I hope you check out my stories and enjoy them. If you ever want to talk to me, head over to my tumblr: jesys-littlemuffin.tumblr.com. I'll answer all questions.

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    mumbled "New Book?"

    okay so I have been thinking about writing a new fanfic about Niall's life if he hadnt gotten through the X Factor. I was thinking that he takes the wrong path in life and changes his way for a girl (very original i know). The problem is I dont know what to call it or if anyone would read it so like this if you would read it and/or leave a title suggestion. xx
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    mumbled "Twitter!"

    Hey guys! Im live tweeting right now! Please come talk to me im soooo boreddd. My twitter username is @Alexa_M_Young. If you have a suggestion for any 1 of my fanfics or just wanna talk, come and tweet meeeee xx Alexa
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    Broski! Ya NEED to update!!
    Niall and I
    Niall and I
    Hey guyzs this is my first story soo ya umm its about a girl who dosent know who one direction is and then she meets him but dosent know its him and they have this love conection and bla bla bla i dont...
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