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I'm Alex Sheehan, I'm 17 years old, I like music, and I was convinced into making a Movellas account by my amazing girlfriend, Chloe (@sleepisfortheweak)
I am currently studying English Literature, Biology, Physics, and French at AS level.
My favourite authors are George Orwell, John Green, JK Rownling, JRR Tolkien, and Stephen Chbosky.
I also play guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin. Some of my favourite bands are Green Day, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Twin Atlantic, Rise Against, The Computers, Nirvana, and Pulled Apart By Horses. I do guitar covers on YouTube, you should totally subscribe to me...
One of my other interests is photography, some of which can be found on my tumblr at
I use a Nikon D3100, but also enjoy using analogue cameras, so also use a Minolta XG-1, Olympus Trip 35, Lomography Diana+, and a build-it-yourself plastic Twin Lens Reflex camera.
Twitter: @Citizen3rased
Instagram: @alextssheehan
That's about everything! Become a fan if you so wish!

  • Alex Sheehan
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    I nominate @[sleepisfortheweak] because her poetry is simply beautiful; emotive, relatable, and unique. She also partook in NaNoWriMo, not quite completing it, but what she wrote was incredible. Every piece on her profile is worthy of winning her this award.
  • Alex Sheehan

    mumbled "Competition entry"

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    Yo, I just entered the 'Trick or Treat' writing competition so I'd be very grateful if you could go and give my movella 'Build, Destroy, Repeat." a read and comment telling me what you think!
    Build, Destroy, Repeat.A short story adapted from something I wrote a couple of years ago.
    Midnight Rogue
    6 years ago
    I think I may have read this and reviewed it...?
    Alex Sheehan
    6 years ago
    I did post an early version of this sort of story on here before, but removed it because I started to hate it and it wasn't conclusive and it I didn't like where it was going... So when I saw the competition, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring it back and edit it into something shorter and more succinct
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    mumbled "Poetry of the First World War Conference at Haileybury College"

    So today I went to a conference at the big public school down the road about poetry of the First World War, and it was really interesting! Despite being sat on uncomfortable chairs, we had lectures and talks from Dr Adrian Barlow, who is president of the English Association, and Simon Armitage, who is a poet whose poem 'Out of the Blue' my year studied at GCSE. 
    It was interesting to hear other peoples' interpretations of the works of famous poets such as Wilfred Owen - of whom there was a particular focus on - Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Brooke, and others.
    It was also great to be able to hear Simon Armitage read some of his poems, including Out of the Blue. He talked about the inspiration behind some of them, and also talked about a film that he made and will be aired on the BBC next month called "The Great War: An Elegy", in which he hears lesser known stories about individuals involved in the First World War, interviews family members, shows documents, letters, diaries, etc. of those individuals, and then wrote a poem based on their story, which, at least in the video he showed us, he asked the relatives of the individuals to read for the film. He also read us some of the new poems from his collection which was recently released, entitled 'Paper Aeroplane', and told us the story behind them.
    All in all, it was a good day! Plus, there was a Costa on the grounds of the school, so I got 2 iced coffees (y)
    Alex Sheehan
    6 years ago
    Why "wow"..?
    Rohini N
    6 years ago
    I actually didn't know much about World War I literature before, so I was surprised when you said there was a conference First World War poetry.
    Alex Sheehan
    6 years ago
    It was organised by Haileybury College, focusing a lot on the poetry of Wilfred Owen, who most of us has studied at GCSE level, along with other poets
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