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Okay so it’s been a hot minute since writing, I’ve moved away from fan fiction and have been writing my own story, inspired by X-men which is titled Jean Lily Grace and expect (maybe) weekly updates!

Other than that I hope you enjoy it and if you’ve been a fan since my terrible Harry Potter fanfic, you’re amazing and I love you!

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    thanks guys to everyone that's followed me or read even some of my stuff- currently on holiday so might not update over the next few weeks- sorry! hope you guys are all having a good life and if there's anyway I could improve feel free to tell me!

    xox aliona
  • Aliona Potter
    Name: Mystique Phoenix��Age:14 (in 4th yr) �� Gender: Witch ��Wand: Rowan and Phoenix feather �� house: Would prefer Gryffindor but Ravenclaw is fine too�� Apperarance: red eyes that flash yellow long dark red hair �� Personality: quite calm, very brave, shy around new people, loyal, trustworthy, appears cold to people that don't know her, Is in Dumbledore's army and is dating Harry Potter (if possible)⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
    Welcome to Hogwarts
    Welcome to Hogwart...
    If you are a potterhead, you wished you were at Hogwarts and well now you can go. We know we said we start writing a long time ago, but we'll get this up and going asap! PLEASE APPLY, LOTS OF SPOTS...
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