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    You Wanna See?: A One Direction Fanfiction
    You Wanna See?:...
    Everlee Comfield is a rebellious twenty year old with big dreams; she wants to become a reporter, and preferably not one that informs people about the newest celebs or poisonous make-up. No, she wants...
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    When I look up at the stars, I always think about how people in general are just one thing out there, yet one tiny thing that we do, be it breathe, believe in something or even make a mistake. the tiniest thing that we do can make the biggest difference.

    Some people like myself think that everything happens for a reason and when you think about that, then people realise that we are meant o be here, ALL OF US. We may not know what for, but we are.

    we are part of everything that has happened and everything that will happen in the future. we all have a purpose in life, we may not know what it is, what we are meant to do, but there is a reason and that's what people have too look out for.
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