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I love penguins, and the color blue. I am born on July 16th and I like pop/punk rock music. (And I am not copying what luke likes and or born it's all true since 1996)

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    Please update, her new roommate is AMAZING
    Her New Roommate
    Her New Roommate
    Faith is stuck with a new roommate her moms friends son Luke Hemmings. What will happen when Faith's mom has to go on a trip for business with Luke's mom? With only Luke and Faith at the house? Read to...
    thank you so much❤️��
  • punk_rock_penguin796
    Update keeping secrets please I love it it's so good
    Keeping secrets (5sos fan fic)
    Keeping secrets...
    A normal introverted girl finds herself at a crossroads between her boyfriend who she really likes and his bestfriend who she loves.
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