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Hallo alle miteinander!
Ich bin ein Anfänger im Schreiben von Fanfictions, also kritisiere bitte nicht meine Werke.
Bitte stehlen Sie auch nicht meine Werke.
Alle in meinen Fanfictions verwendeten Charaktere gehören mir nicht, es sei denn, ich sage etwas anderes

Danganronpa blog

by , Wednesday February 19, 2020
Danganronpa blog

In this group we do whatever and talk about danganronpa :) 

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  • onmelacholyhill
    this is really good! please update it uwu! if you need help writing the story let me know I can help!
    The Two Alphas
    The Two Alphas
    This is a yaoi boy love story and if you do not like the content please click away. Aaron is a 17 year old alpha werewolf and his father has kicked him out of the pack to find his mate. Laurance is...
    4 months ago
    i would, but i don't often get online. But when school starts again, I will be happy to get your help. Thank you for the support.
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