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❝Books are the ultimate Dumpie: put them down and they'll wait on your forever; pay attention to them and they'll always love you back.❞ - John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

✞нello тнere =) ι dιdn'т мean тo ιnтerrυpт yoυr ѕcrollιng, ι jυѕт wanтed тo ѕay yoυ're вeaυтιғυl.✞

∞ ι wrιтe ιѕ вecaυѕe ι'd lιĸe тo eѕcape мy realιтy -- wrιтιng ιѕ мy paradιѕe
∞ ι мay вe a lιттle тoo oвѕeѕѕed wιтн тaylor ѕwιғт and deмι lovaтo

❝All oғ oυr dreaмѕ can coмe тrυe - ιғ we нave тнe coυrage тo perѕυe тнeм.❞ - Walt E. Disney

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☼Perғecт ιѕ ѕo вorιng. Yoυr ιмperғecтιonѕ are wнaт тrυly мaĸe yoυ вeaυтιғυl.☼

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❝Yoυ мυѕт ѕтay drυnĸ on wrιтιng, ѕo realιтy doeѕn'т conтιnυe deѕтroy yoυ.❞ - Ray Bradbury

•Forever Yours
•The Love of an Angel

  • headbeforeheart

    mumbled "If I could dream at night, and those dreams would come true, I'd force myself to sleep, so I would dream of you <3"

    Hi there! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful day today, or are about to start a wonderful one! If you have been keeping up with my rare updates, you must have seen that I am basically updating "Forever or Never" a lot more than the others {or the only one being updated :P} Sorry for that! Really, I am. But, if you'd like for me to update any other book {of our choice}, just tell me! Reply to this here mumble, or send me an ask on my tumblr, or PM me on wattpad. I am always on tumblr on wattpad, as for here, not too much. So, if I don't get it here, try tumblr and wattpad! I'll always reply, and I promise you that. And I do keep, every single one of my promises! And I do not make promises I no I can not keep, because I'd not like to hurt any of your feelings with it. Though, I'm not sure if you do get these or read my updates. I wouldn't blame you, I have been MIA a lot lately! Sorry again!

    Anywhoo, thank you for reading!

    ~Keep dreaming, Anna ;*
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    mumbled "Hello *o*"

    Hi there!!! I updated Forever or Never, so go check that out. I felt bad for not updating, so I now have a small schedule that I'm hoping to keep. I doubt I will, but I'll try. School's a little tough, so it's pretty hard to get time, but I am trying. And thank you so much for now having 52 followers!!! And I've decided I'll call you little ducklings my 'dreamers' from now. Hope that's okay with you guys! < 3

    So thank you for reading this, hopefully I'll see you again later on in the day if I update anything else!
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    mumbled "Hi There =)"

    So hey everyone! I haven't seen you all I a while, sorry for that. But, I have an extreme writer's block for literally every single one of my books, and it's super annoying to get some things to add. But, if you guys want, you can maybe put in some ideas you'd like for me to add. And go ahead and choose any book you'd like, and how much you want, doesn't matter to me. =)

    I love all 51 of you, now goodbye and have a lovely day!
  • headbeforeheart

    mumbled "Break"

    Hey guys! So I'm going to be taking a little break for a while. Since I'll be going somewhere I can't use the computer as much, I'm already on it a lot. sorry D: I'll try to update though, but it will be slow updates, sorry :( But I'll try my best to finish The Love of an Angel today, it's gonna be the end of my first series!

    Okay, bye!
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