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Hey guys!! Hopeful Arianators, tiny elephants, or The Ariana Army!! ♥♣♥ put that sign in your bio and I'll lov ya forever!!
Ariana here!! I'm also Cat, from Sam and Cat. Spending my time with singing and acting.
My best friend is Livlaughlove_14 so be a fan of her!!


Anyone sad? Need advice? I'm here and I love helping. #maybeicanhelp

<>o<> I'ma Butler...
~(^o^)~ I'ma Pandicorn...
5SOS family!

Ps this is a role play account.
luv you all!
Plz join my group 'WeNeedABetterFuture'
Because we do. So join.

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    mumbled "Im back.... :D"


    I'm back and happier than ever. I am a huge directioner and I'm freaking out. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. Perrie and Zayn are ENGAGED! This Is Us is coming soon! Liam is dating a girl named Sophia. And Niall may or may not have found a freaking princess!!! Ahhh #fangurling. Love all you guys:) stay amaZAYN and finomiNiall. (Idek how to spell that) Bye:)))))
  • ✔Ariana Grande

    mumbled "New fanfic coming soon"


    Hey guys. I haven't been on in a while. Sorry 'bout that.. I'm making a new book. It's not exactly a fanfic. But it kinda is... Idek. I probs won't be back for a while. I've been feeling down and I've been puting my extra time into last minute summer work. So um. Bye to anyone who reads this.
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    Its a rp account its not actually Ariana Grande
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