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I love one direction If you need someone to talk to I'm right here

  • Ashley Marie Styles
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    Please update
    I'm Dating My Teachers
    I'm Dating My Teac...
    After One Direction break up Louis starts teaching as a drama teacher cause that was his back up plan. but what will happen if breaks up with Eleanor and dates another girl but cheats on her!
  • Ashley Marie Styles
    I'm crying because it feels like my heart was stabbed by knives but it was a really good book.sequal maybe ?
    My Little Dashie
    My Little Dashie
    So, this is not my story. But it will make you cry.
  • Ashley Marie Styles
    I can relate to the swifties rant on chapter six
    Seriously.. Why?!
    Seriously.. Why?!
    This is a book about things I do not understand, things in this world that I find dumb and I think.. Seriously.. Why?! If you're in for a laugh or want to know if you and someone else have the same...
  • Ashley Marie Styles
    Please update ❤
    The Darkest Corner (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Love Story/ Vampire)
    The Darkest Corner...
    Atlanta Summers is just a normal teenage girl living with her best friends who are vampires. Yes Atlanta is human. Her parents threw her out at the age of 10. Harry Styles is the vampire that found her...
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