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Hey! This is my place officially, I may kind of forgotten my password to my other profile 'Ashley Caramel.'
Please feel free to comment on any of the stories or have any queries just send a message on my wall.

Thanks loves!
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Honestly not all rainbows

by , Monday August 7, 2017


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  • Mysteriousunicorn

    mumbled "Advertising myself"

    Who wanna talk? I am really not that type of person to actually talk about my books...
    Though... does anyone wanna talk with me? I am available for a talk... that sounds so weird.
    1 years ago
    I wanna “talk” ��
    Book Maker
    1 years ago
    Me! I’ll talk with you!
  • Mysteriousunicorn

    mumbled "hhheeellppp"

    A bastard in my grade is being an absolute bastard... NO IDIOT. Everything about him is sooooo annoying. He makes my life a living hell, I am so sorry for ranting. But an idiot seems to enjoy ruining my days since year 8. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!
  • Mysteriousunicorn

    mumbled "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

    Hi everyone,
    I just want to say happy Halloween all the way from Australia. Hope all of ya'll get lollies and not steal them off little children... please... Hehe anyways laters
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