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Audi here! Wazzup though? How's everyone? I'm good! *Sits awkwardly* So! Anything else? Ah yes!

Mxfia Family :)
Mxfia Stxr
Mxfia Rogers
Mxfia Laufeysi
Mxfia Directioner
Mxfia Gabby
Mxfia Tyler
Mxfia Imperfection
And my favorite....
Mxfia Rose (me)

Yas, we stay slaying with ze Mxfia Fam xD

If you my boo lucky you!

One Direction has taken over my heart, 5SOS has taken over my mind xD Going boy wild here. Saw my angels on the WWA Tour 2014 Slay!

Okay, until I find something better to say....
Aye! Byez!

~Audi Rose

  • Mxfia Rose
    5 years agoReply
    Taylor.........I had this idea for a movella, but I read the blurb to Too Close To Loving You, and um, we had the same idea, is it alright if I still use my idea? It's slightly different
  • Mxfia Rose

    mumbled "53 Notifications!"

    5 years agoReply
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    I fall asleep, and bam! 53 notifications! I would like to thank @[Mxfia Stxr] @[Mxfia Gabby] welcome @[Mxfia Amnxsia ] @[Gambino▲Hood] and many more! Thanks for the 53 notifications! :/
    Amour Amnesia
    5 years ago
    I love you sisters!
    Mxfia Rose
    5 years ago
    Love you too @[Mxfia Stxr] and @[Mxfia Amnxsia ]
  • Mxfia Rose

    mumbled "Mxfia Stxr "

    5 years agoReply
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    @[Mxfia Stxr] I saw it, I screenshot it, and now i'm mumbling it. Congratz....I want to be up in Who's Popular some day :)

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