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    mumbled "Sorryy.."

    Where's my time to write?! I have autumn holiday from school but I have no time to write - what is the thing that went wrong here?
    Sorry for not publishing chapters - I try to write at least one chapter before this week turns into a new one :/
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    Thanks :) I'll remember that :) I've always wanted to speak English as my second mother language so when we began to learn it at school, I was very excited and I took it seriously. Now I've spoken five or six years English and I guess it has taught me something :D
    The Way to the Door
    The Way to the Doo...
    Dennie Starwill's POV. I told them that I'll be back - not soon, not never, not that I'd know. I wanted to know what they would say but I found it as a stupid idea. Why? Because they never even cared....

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