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Hello fellow Movellians! My name is Lauren and thank you for visiting my profile. :-)
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    Description was great, your sentence variety was fantastic and your use of beautiful vocabulary was superb, despite the fact that I had to have a dictionary at the ready! Sorry it is so short, I wrote a page and closed the tab...it is safe to say I was rather annoyed. I think before I described your words as hidden gems, but I don't have the time nor patience to write it again, sorry! But I absolutely loved this Movella, it's originality will certainly separate it from the other entries, and I loved the spin on the "backstage" prompt. I hope to see more from you soon! :-)
    Turn off the Lights
    Turn off the Light...
    ...For the "Behind the Scenes" competition. :)
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    Why thank you AutumnFyre. X) I appreciate your feedback,
    It's not short, thank you. :P Huehuehuhehuehuehuheuhe...
    Wow thanks! Thank you so much. :)
    I hope to see more from you as well! :)
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    I am really sorry that I have not had time to read the whole story, but I must say that the first chapter was really impressive.
    I liked how the reader was instantly involved in the story and something was occurring right at the beginning. Because like cconspirators says, too many stories begin with setting the scene, but as most people have been to train stations you rightfully saw no need to describe it and instead let the reader's imagination take over.
    I really enjoyed this, keep writing and thank you again for commenting on my movella. :-)
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    The Cold
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