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hi I am babsie. I enjoy writing and love singing. I can play the guitar.

  • song of death
    song of death
    by babsie
  • they locked me up
    they locked me up
    by babsie
  • annie jibblet
    annie jibblet
    by babsie
  • back stage tour with bridget mendler.
    back stage tour...
    by babsie
  • babsie

    mumbled "co-author alert!!"

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    I am looking for a new co-author for a book called the letters.I will upload the first chapter so you can see what it is about and then put here about it. I'll put what Should happen but you put your ideas as well.
  • babsie
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    for the comp

    What to do if your unicorn catches amburg?
    Amburg is very dangerous so check your unicorn regularly after walks. It needs to be treated imeadietly but what the symptoms are is most important.
    • Dry mouth
    • Insane walking
    • Pink tounge
    • Green horn
    • Eyes change colour (look at flame eye as well if you only get this symptom and dry mouth.)
    • Feet change size (Can sometimes be normal.)
    • And anything that effects blood around body.
    Treatment can be simple if done straight away make sure you also try 3 simple home remadies.
    • Put avocado on your unicorns tail and legs
    • Get coke a put it on your unicorns body
    • Put whip cream everywhere on it and a cherry on top with ice cream. (warning: people might eat your unicorn.)
    Your unicorn should be colder now but may die of coldness if too cold so don’t sue me.
    Treatment works 99% of time and will make sure your is as healthy as possible.
    when will we get results?
    How to Clean your Unicorn!
    How to Clean your...
    Instructions on how to care your unicorn! (C)
    6 years ago
    20th August
    6 years ago
    it's the 1st of september!
    6 years ago
    I no! We apologise, u see, me and Cára are starting at our new school on Tuesday and we've just been SO busy lately! Me and Cára r just trying to decide between two people, we are REALLY sry it's taking so long, we will DEFINATELY announce the winner before the end of the week, I promise!
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