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    mumbled "Sociology argument"

    So I'm sitting in sociology watching this boy Pecha Kucha presentation about pop culture when One Direction popped up. In the category with One Direction was Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj. The boy said something about the pictures here represent pop culture in which these artist promote sex, drugs, and money. I got really upset, because One Direction doesn't promote any of those things. I told him name one song, they talked about sex, money and drugs in, he couldn't come up with any thing. It got silent for a minute then he said two of the members posted a video smoking. WOW! BUT DID THEY TELL PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND DO IT?
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    mumbled "Please check Carriep18 out!"

    Falling in love with a Triplet...My ex recently moved back, but he isn't just any ordinary ex he's the schools bad boy, and he's also a triplet his name is Edward Styles he has a full...

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