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I have a weird addiction to bands, and my crush. But it doesn't mean I can't be bad every once and a while ;)

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    mumbled "hellllooo"

    Been a long time guys, sorry! I start my new school tomorrow, eek! And I get to go to Counciling sessions :d Ah I still can't spell that word
    Anyways, my books aren't gonna be updated for a while. My mind state is getting worse and I have so much to deal with. Tomorrow I'll finally be taking a break from all the word I've had to endure ahaha
    I love you all so much <3
    Stay strong beautiful
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    mumbled "nothin"

    no inspiration for anything at the moment guys, ive been on a break and I think that will continue for a while longer. I'm sorry, but I just cant continue my life as I normally would. I love you all, stay strong beautifuls <3
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    mumbled "Heyyyy"

    I'm like shipping so many ships like
    Andy Biersack x Kellin Quinn
    Kellin Quinn x Vic Fuentes
    Vic Fuentes x Oli Sykes
    like what am I doing with life
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    mumbled "OKAY SO"

    It was my birthday the other day :D That's half the reason why I haven't been on, and I want to try get my writing back up to normal so I'm trying to write a few chapters for books that I've had ideas for
    and since I've had no idea it hasn't really worked too well haha XD
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