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Uh... I like bands...
Lies: Wednesday (but let's be honest it usually ends up being Thursdays.)
Friend, Please: Thursday (again let's be honest usually Fridays.)
Risk it All: Friday (It's usually Saturday.)
I suck at updating on time.

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    mumbled "Awhile "

    I have gone for a really long while. I really miss writing but things have come up. First my depression started to get bad again as well as my anxiety but I'm trying to get trough it. My family hasn't been supportive in me getting better so naturally it's only made me worse. In these times I haven't had anyone to turn to. On top of that school has been ridiculous so many projects and that on top of everything else isn't a good mix. I have been reading a lot more, not just fanfiction, and that has helped. I started focusing on things that help me or make me forget. I have been watching and reading a lot of Harry Potter, I've been drawing a lot more, and I've been writing not just fanfiction that I'm never going to publish but new books. I have had a falling out with the co-author of 'Lies' and 'The Truth' so I'm going to be writing 'Lies' by myself. I really do hope everyone who is reading this is okay. If you aren't you can always talk to me.
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