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Thanks guys for checking me out, I really enjoy writing I am sorry if I'm not the best writer, but I do it for fun! Thanks:D

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    I really like this it really sounds good. I like the wolf choice, as it relates to the recent twilight/tvd/teen wolf. I really like this!
    Guardian Wolves: Protectors of Aerralia
    Guardian Wolves:...
    *HIATUS* All of her life, Moriko Marina Takaya has been trained to fight off the evil members of the Black Lake Wolf Pack, or BLWP for short. Their evil leader, Haroshi Sato, has even eviler intentions...
    8 years ago
    Thanks so much! You don't know how much that means to me!! I am really glad you like it so far. I will update as soon as I can!!
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    Why thank you, Miss Horton. Check out my new book? Haha you okay sweetie? xxx e-mail me!!!!!
    Beauty and the Beast
    Beauty and the Bea...
    I looked at my reflection, blue eyes, long waist length brown hair, ivory skin, long lashes, pearly lips and everything, everything everyone and anyone would die for, expect me. I thought I had it all,...
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    mumbled "Mini-Musing's Photography "

    Heya everyone, I am so sorry for not being online for every long. Lots of you won't care, but I'm Back!!
    Never mind, my amazing best friend has opened her own page on FB and she is amazing behind a camera, I have to keep her identity a secret but here is her page and please Like because she is dying to get rolling and add more pictures! Thanks loads!

    facebook.com/MiniMusingsPhotography - I am so proud of her!
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    Keep writing!!!
    Don't change
    Don't change
    I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..
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    Really great!! I am not a fan of poetry, but that is really great!!! I have liked and faved!
    A Couple Of Poems
    A Couple Of Poems
    A couple of poems that I wrote. Some I wrote in school and some in my spare time. Please comment!
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