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Person loves the arts. Plays the gigantic bass. Very little person. Love little mix
Loves Alessia Cara the R&B and Pop musician and also and Artist. An huge inspiration.

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    mumbled "New story"

    I want to know if anyone wants to write a story with me. I'm having writers block and I need to get my mind off I Wont Tell. If anyone wants to write a story with me, let me know.
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    mumbled "Stupid Ass People"

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    I get home ready to write fanfic but someone hacked my computer and my email. Not even my important one, my school email. Some people are just dumb ass fuck.
  • SweetMadness324
    I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while��
    I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU
    I Won't Tell-Zayn...
    Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable. We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this,...
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