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I am a Belieber who believes in her idol . No matter what he does I will be here .

Guys what will you say if I say Im making 2 new stories. Tell me what you want me to write.

Talk to me if you need help . Just kik me or tweet me . Ill be here for you all . No Body's Perfect .

I ask one thing . Please stop judging Justin , he isn't perfect no One is .

Have a beautiful life . Remember I love you all . No matter ~ BieberSmile

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    Hey Imma needa a cover but i dont know yet so ill let you know by tomorrow of today well bye c:
    Cover Store *OPEN*
    Cover Store *OPEN*
    Hey guys so I love to make covers so I decided to create a Cover Store. I really do try my best. If you want anything changed just ask me. I hope you all like the covers I make. I don't put my name on...
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    mumbled "IM BACK "

    Ok guys so I'm not gonn delete anything , but what I am gonna do is not write on here anymore . Sorry for the, New readers u must like them , but I'm not gonna write anymore , if you wanna continue reading them you can ALL GO TO WATTPAD , I'm starting there again . It's gonna be the same , I'm just changing NEVER EVER LETTING YOU GO . Ok anyways guys , I hope you enjoyed my time here , but I'm not writing here anymore . WATTPAD for any of you who wants to continue reading them c: I love you all , thanks for reading my books . ~ Justinlovesme
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    Heey guys well bad news here it goes : I'm making it official and deleting all my books from here I know I'm horrible but it has to be done , well I'm glad my first book got 2k readers /-\ I'm so sorry but I'm deleting this account too so if any of you have a WATTPAD you can read this stories there my name is : JustinLovesMeee or with 2 ee's at the end . But. Yeah it's been fun having this account but time to let go . ���� I'm sorry with much love ~ justinlovesme
    7 years ago
    no bae
    7 years ago
    Yes I'm so so so sorry but it has to be done /-\ I'll miss this but I'll come back soon ..
  • JustinLovesMe
    Omg pleaseee updateeee !!!
    Who are you? Jason, drew, or Justin?
    Who are you? Jason...
    Isabella Cortez volunteers at her aunts hospital. She left for a whole two months to work on school. She missed out on a lot. She found out that theres a new boy. When visiting him for a few days, she...
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