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Creepy things give me good meanings.

  • hallows_creature
    Being in this way, I've felt like I've started to decay.
    Feeling in this flame, I've felt like I've started to drain.
    Caressing in this day, I've felt like I've started to way.
    Feeling this feeling, I've learned how I've got to start dealing.
  • hallows_creature
    You're young. About 15 in a crowded high school hallway. People whisper when you walk by, they stare, they laugh, they mock.

    Now imagine: Laughing at a "freak" running with tears down their face as everyone else laughs with you. At how pathetic the person is.

    Who's the horrible one now?
  • hallows_creature

    mumbled "Been thinking alot..."

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    Little Girl, don't cry.
    Little Girl, don't hide.
    Face your fears.
    Just hide the tears.
    Feel your heart suffer in silence.
    Just find someone, but not an alliance.
    Give yourself a pat on the back.
    Little Girl, covered in black.
    Sweetheart so innocent, so small.
    All they want is to see you fall.
    Keep your head up and smart.
    They won't see through your smile of art.
    They laugh and call you names.
    But that's just their own shame.
    Heartbreak she goes and hides her sheet.
    Little one just go to sleep and count some sheep.
    When you arise, be welcomed to a new world.
    Wipe the tears from your face with the little curls.
    It's all over now, my dear, little girl.
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    mumbled "I'm a little upset so I thought I'd write..."

    The pain of you still lingers here.
    Sometimes I wonder if the end is near.
    I can't help to be breathless at your very cite.
    I need you with me, no? Yes, I think I just might.
    The memory of you is seen in my eyes.
    I captivate you're fatal lies.
    You kept me from seeing the scary truth.
    I was oblivious to your every move.
    I broke your heart after mine was shattered.
    Now you're fine and mine doesn't matter.
    It's time to move on from your laughter.
    I cry inside everytime I see you with her.
    Time to keep my pretty face sown.
    No one will see that I am down.
    With stitches in my eyes to keep them wide.
    I capture you, then I scream and hide.
    You stole my heart.
    I tried to turn it into a peice art.
    I fell so hard into the night.
    All you did was scare me with fright.
    Now my cheeks are stained with black.
    Your stole adn broke my heart, now give it back!
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    They are! c: <3
    6 years ago
    Describes them all perfectly! haha(:
    6 years ago
    Gotta love Fan girls... And bands... Maybe food and sleep... But sleep is for the weak... xD haha it's 1:30 am here. But yes it does, one word to describe them all...
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