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If I had to live by the words I wrote I would either be a mermaid, an Alien Princess, a superpowered heroine or a desperate detective.

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    mumbled "Nano Project"

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    The first chapter of my Up There So High sequel is now published.
    I'm working on it for Nanowrimo so it's completely unedited, and still in the works. Feedback is appreciated, although you need to read UTSH first to completely understand To Wonder Why. Thank you :)
    To Wonder WhyAfter the battle at Lake Morgana, the Wardens are separated. Skylar is exiled on Zeld, declared a wayward Princess, Reese and Fitz are forced to become...
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    mumbled "Nanowrimo 2019"

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    I'm finally writing a sequel for Up There So High named To Wonder Why - and it's my Nanowrimo project this year. If you're doing Nano this year feel free to add me as a buddy (K.Pharoah is my username).
    If you look UTSH has a new cover too.
    I'll upload TWW when it has a few chapters
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    mumbled "22.10.19"

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    Writers block is a pain, especially since Nanowrimo is coming up. I can't promise that I'll be on here much, but I will certainly try. There are tonnes of new faces here and stories that I need to read :)
    (The photo is off this mornings sunrise, enjoy)
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    mumbled "6 year Movellas Anniversary and a re-vamped story"

    I've finally remembered one of my Movellas Anniversaries. I've officially been here for 6 years and by God, it doesn't feel like it. I'm getting old xD
    Also, for a competition, I rewrote my old story Verdant. If you were here years ago you might remember it. It is the latest chapter in:
    Poem Stained Fingertips"I may have poem stained fingertips but I have a tongue coated with a thousand pins of silence." A refillable book of every idea and scrap that I can...
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    mumbled "Rewriting and rewriting"

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    After finding that both my writing style and hopes for the plot and world building have changed, I've picked up an old project again. I'm busy rewriting it as part of Camp Nano before I move onto the sequel at some point this year. I don't really have a goal in mind, just to work on it as much as I can.
    My favourite villain is back in my typing fingers again :)
    Up There so HighEverett Tyson is a space fanatic, so much so that when he finds himself on the mysterious planet of Zeld he's in his element. Skylar Kingsley is the...