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    I would first like to acknowledge Jennifer L Armentrout and movellas and thank them for allowing us the opportunity to win one of these great novels.

    What makes a great vampire story?

    The first thing I’ll go over is that there is no limit of what the writer can achieve with a story revolved around a mythical creature. There are no boundaries or setbacks by reality that other novels are bounded by. They can throw a major, never predicted, plot twist here and bring in another mythical creature there. We are introduced to a whole new world that we explore with each page. Always having the ability to surprise the reader is a great skill seen many times throughout these types of novels.

    A great opportunity that an author has with a vampire related book is the ability to bind reality and fantasy. Combining the two ‘worlds’, into one creative explosion. The separate worlds can clash and go many different ways which will have the reader questioning what’s going to happen next. Thus, never wanting to put the book down.

    A book with such a creature will obviously hold a lot of mystery. I like when stories, such as a vampire one, doesn't tell the reader what the creature is capable of but shows it to us at different times throughout the story. This way we are learning with the protagonist throughout the story. It makes you feel more connected and easier to fall into the story. They can also throw in new dangers like being discovered, being hunted, or being burnt if that’s how the author creates the vampire. It always holds suspense and leaves the reader never wanting to put it down because it’s so gripping and they want to know what happens next. Not knowing what the creature is throughout most of the story can make it very enthralling but the author must be careful not to extend it for too long or the reader might give up and lose interest.
    I love a good plot twist. For example when there is something hidden between the lines throughout the whole story and it all just adds up at the end. This could be a hidden secret of a character or a character learns something about themselves such as the protagonist (if human) was actually not a human at all and they didn't even know.

    There is a trap with these sorts of stories though. The author could slip into the cliché way of writing one of these novels, perhaps it’s because they find it easier. But not everyone wants to read the same plot over and over again. So what I think makes a great vampire story is if it’s different; unique.

    So after saying being unique and not cliché, I do like a good vampire/human forbidden romance sort of thing. I think it’s because the characters are willing to be together even if there are stakes and that one of them is different. I like how there is the suspense of if they get caught or will give up trying to be together entirely.

    In a way, a vampire story can be relatable for a reader. Such as if the reader is going through a tough, confusing or even forbidden time. In a lot of these stories, the characters are going through the same sort of thing.

    I like when a story has some characters that are hiding something that causes them to have certain emotions towards certain things. Such as a character that doesn't drink alcohol because their family was killed by a drunk driver. Then we find out why along the way, this relates to what I said earlier about plot twists.

    I think my favourite type of vampire books are ones like vampire academy; where it isn't just one vampire but a whole secret society amongst ours. Especially because in vampire academy, we are amongst the creatures and opened up to this world through a dhampir which are the vampire protectors. We grow with the main character throughout the series and have a lot of sympathy and fear for these creatures by the end. What I’m saying is that we are pushed into a whole other world and get to escape ours much easier than if it were flooded with reality.
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