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Hey I'm Spencer :)
I may not be the best writer in the world but I try.

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    mumbled "Hello everyone!"

    If you are of mature age I have found a great movella that I think you all should read. It's still pretty early on, she is only on chapter three. So follow the link and read this story. It's wonderful and I am craving a new chapter already!
    Friends With BenefitsBrianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things...
    What did you think of it?
  • British_Spencer(:
    I really love this story. It has everything that a story should have.
    I am really shocked with the events that just happened in chapter 3! I just am speechless pretty much.
    Friends With Benefits
    Friends With Benef...
    Brianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things further without risk of ruining Brianna's privacy....
    Thank you so much :) this comment just made my night
  • British_Spencer(:
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    So I finally had time to read the chapter. I am so excited about you writing again :)
    It's great, only caught a few mistakes but they were minor (I've just read ten of my friend's papers for class so I was in an editing mood, sorry)
    I am excited to see how you write the story of Maddie in Paris. I've been there and it is such a great city :) I hope you have done research or have personally been there.
    Also, happy that Evan and Maddie are staying together :)
    Last but not least, when are you planning on updating? Or are you just going to update whenever you get a free moment?
    Confessions of a High School Supermodel: Take Two
    Confessions of a...
    *FINALLY STARTED!* This is the sequel to my original movella, Confessions of a High School Supermodel! All feedback and suggestions welcome! Maddie's story continues...
    7 years ago
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    Yay! I'm actually working on the next chapter right now! I also lived in Paris for almost a year, and have been back since then a couple times. :)

    Ooh, let me know what mistakes you caught so I can go back and fix them! It's hard to catch everything!
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    I don't remember what all I caught but they were minor but when I have time I will reread the chapter and give you the flaws I saw :)
    But now I am really excited to see how you write it because now I won't be worried that something will go wrong about the way your write about Paris.

    In other words, I love the new chapter. I like the love story that is going on with Evan and Maddie but I like that it doesn't seem overdone like many of the stories I read on here.
    Finally, keep up the good work and just update whenever you feel the need to. Don't let people pressure you into updating because then you don't give your absolute best. Go look at some of my writings. I don't update a lot unless I feel like I can. If you stress while writing then nothing really seems to fit together the way it should.
  • British_Spencer(:

    mumbled "Finally!"

    I now have a cover for Soul Brother and Sister. Please go read it. Please. I want everyone to read it. :)
    Soul Brother and Sister"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother. "Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he...

    And let me know what you think of the new cover :)
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